CryptoGames, The Soaring Crypto Casino of the Online Gaming World

CryptoGames, The Soaring Crypto Casino of the Online Gaming World
CryptoGames, The Soaring Crypto Casino of the Online Gaming World

If you thought that with the growing number of casinos on the internet, online gaming would turn into another mainstream source of entertainment, then let us knock your socks off with this piece. For those of you who are familiar with online gambling, the use of promising cryptocurrencies at the casinos might not sound that foreign today. The invention of cryptocurrencies has suddenly popped up to blow our minds in the past few years and we are not complaining. While some of them have proven their worth as strong contenders in the regular financial systems, others have already made their way into the entertainment industry to become currencies used for rewards or payouts. They are well established in many online casinos for amazing affordability, incredible transaction benefits. These cryptocurrencies have revealed enough potential to set a whole new standard for both the online gambling and gaming industries. That being said, with this piece we will talk about the most reliable crypto gambling website that will suit all your needs as a potential and serious gambler.

So, read along till the end to find out everything you need to know about our best pick, CryptoGames.

The casino prides itself on maintaining a sophisticated dark aesthetic influenced by the style of modern casinos. The casino’s homepage is as sleek and organized as it gets. All the information you look for upon a visit is neatly organized in dedicated tabs within the same home page. This means you can navigate all the necessary links in one scroll. As soon as you visit the website, you will see a dark modern theme that follows you throughout the casino. The games are built with a modern aesthetic which means, no flashy design that annoys you half of the time while playing. All 9 of the games will appear with modest architecture that is sure to attract your undivided attention at all times. You can explore the casino’s Blog, FAQ, and a Play Now button right at the top of the homepage. Scrolling down,  the tiles section for all 9 games will appear gradually in front of you. On the individual tiles, you can see the game’s house edge when clicked on, each of the tiles shows you available cryptocurrencies for you to use while playing the game. 

What we looked for in CryptoGames

To win an uphill battle like finding a trustworthy online casino, one must come prepared at any cost. And if it is about putting your hard-earned cryptocurrencies at stake, you must come prepared with the best of the best. And like many strategic battles, this one must be tackled by knowing exactly what to look out for. Meaning, if you know what to look for in terms of technical elements then you can easily understand which crypto casinos are worth splurging on. Here’s a list of traits from CryptoGames that will not only impress you but will also help you to get a better understanding of how a crypto-based casino should be structured: 

Updated Security Protocols

High security for any kind of financial transaction is a must for any gaming website. So, without a doubt, crypto-based gaming websites or gambling websites will need higher-level security to protect their users’ data and funds. Taking security as their top priority, CryptoGames has acted to ensure an A-grade security system that comes with modern and advanced protocols. All the player accounts are backed up by multiple layers of security measures. The site has integrated the use of two-factor authentication within its transaction system to add a shield over the transaction data. The system is built by using the highly secure Google 2FA applications and SSL encryption architecture. This means both of these security methods will provide complete security constantly for the account holder. This way, the system also makes sure that without the user’s approval, no changes can be made to their funds or transactions. 

Simple, Reliable, and Latest Transaction Systems

Many Crypto based casinos come with fancy transaction systems for their users. But most of the time they are either faulty or incapable of giving fast service all while being secure. And there are not that many options for the financial exchanges as well. However, at CryptoGames, all the players can enjoy both regular and updated transaction systems along with both the regular and new exchange systems. While its regular transaction system requires you to create deposit and withdrawal addresses respectively, the updated addition enables you to use your credit card for making deposits.

  • With the use of their newly added credit card deposit system via Onramper, fiat currency users can now enjoy a fast and flexible deposit system. Only fully registered players can get access to the third-party fiat-crypto gateway aggregator, Onramper. This recently added deposit system enables users to buy their preferred cryptocurrencies without any complications. The aggregator completes the task within a considerably shorter time than any regular exchange system. One of the many reasons to opt for this option is that through Onramper, players can purchase cryptocurrencies using an extended number of Fiat Currencies. However, as CryptoGames is not officially connected with Onramper, the casino urges its players to pass the KYC process and get verified by the system to enable credit card deposits. 
  • On the other hand, to offer a futuristic exchange system for the users, CryptoGames has added a new platform called ChangeNOW into their system. The freshly added system is known as a reputable crypto to crypto exchange platform established in the year, 2017. ChangeNOW is built with an architecture that enables instant exchanging of crypto tokens without any extra complication of registering or creating an account. It supports over 250 crypto coins and is hence, the best exchange platform for any crypto users to get access to.  All registered players at CryptoGames can use it for exchanging their cryptocurrencies into the 10 available ones at the casino. 

And for the regular transaction or exchange methods, players can create their transaction addresses by clicking on the “Deposit” or “Withdrawal” button at the top right of the screen in the “Your Account” option. 

Clean UI and Rising Cryptocurrencies: 

To break free from the loud, traditional outlooks of online casinos, that are usually filled with flashier clickbaits than actual games; CryptoGames has taken a completely sophisticated approach for their website. Keeping it thoroughly user-friendly and neatly organized, CryptoGames’ website has earned a reputation for being lightweight and easily accessible from any type of device. Yes, you have read it right. You no longer need devices with high specs to access the games of the casino. With one click or should we say scroll, you can go through all the important information including the house edges for each game. Since you don’t have to redirect to multiple pages to find a single piece of information, you will have more time to look at the games in detail. On top of that, the system also has complete transparency policies for all its users. This means, after each round of betting, you can track your betting history and stats. Apart from probably being the least complicated User Interface, CryptoGames is currently well renowned for supporting financial transactions and exchanges for the hottest 10 cryptocurrencies on the web. 

They support Solana, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, DogeCoin, Ethereum Classic, Monero, GAS, and Dash. 

If you are aware of the latest cryptocurrencies and their rise then you will be thrilled to know that CryptoGames is the first online crypto casino to fully support the use of Solana for all kinds of fund and rewards transactions in its system. The promising cryptocurrency will not only enhance your gambling experience at the casino but also help you get a highly profitable payout since its transaction costs online are relatively lower than others. Now, in addition to all of these, CryptoGames has also thought of offering their very own game currency, “Play Money”. A test currency that they have built to allow the users to explore and play 8 of their games without spending any real cryptocurrency. 

Registration Process

The first step to earn a player’s complete attention is to make sure they are not being pushed through a complicated sign-up process when they try to access your website for the first time. If they seem to have wasted a long time behind a single registration process, then they might leave without even checking out the casino. The gradual buildup of dissatisfaction will lessen their interest in your casino or the games since it might occur to them that the rest of the system will be slow and long. Keeping this in mind, CryptoGames ensures the fastest registration process for all first-time users. Get completely free access to the website and the system from the start by creating an account simply with a username. Then agree to all the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Anti-Money Laundering Policy. The swift registration process will however give you limited access to many features. To get your account fully secured full access to the transaction system, one of the vital functions, we recommend you complete the full registration process.

Now comes the main element of any Crypto based online casino, the ultimate source of entertainment, the games. So far, CryptoGames has developed 9 games for its players. We have added short descriptions about each of them so that you can get a brief view of their architecture. 


Originally well known for portraying the true essence of the classic dice used in board games. To win a game of Dice, guess your outcome 100 percent accurately before you roll your dice. In the game, you will need to roll your dice above or below two specific numbers (one for each condition), and for a specific payout. To run multiple bets at the same time, you can also take advantage of the “Auto Bet” function located beside your manual bet tab.


Just landed at the casino this year, DiceV is CryptoGames’ visually modernized take on the original Dice game. The new visuals include a sleek design where players get to roll their dice on a slider bar.  It comes along with a manual of the game and also progressive jackpots. Just as the original objective went, DiceV2 can be won if players correctly predict the outcome of their roll or if they can make their dice roll land inside the green zone of the slider. 


Play the crypto-based European variant of Roulette at CryptoGames. With a much better house edge than the American variant, you can always aim for profitable payouts with each bet placed. Stack your betting chips on the board, select the perfect neighboring bets for your chips, and spin the 37 number wheel. Playing Roulette is as simple as that. And in case you do not know how to choose neighboring bets, then take a leap of faith and hit the neighbor bets tab to pick any one of the 4 options to choose the neighbors. The system will offer these 4 options to you. Neighbor of Zero, Orphans, Zero Game, and Third of the Wheel. 

Video Poker 

As playing Video Poker might get a little tricky if you have no experience with Poker before, following the casino’s detailed explanation of the game is the best thing to do as a beginner. The instructions will guide you throughout the game so you will be able to complete the objective no matter what. However, to win, you must try to form a winning combination of 5 cards. That is the only way to beat the dealer. If you are already familiar with the game and want to try out new variants, then look out for Jacks or Better, Tens or Better and Bonus Poker to test out your skills. 


Give yourself a flashback of the 90s computer puzzle game era, with CryptoGames’ true classic, Minesweeper, if you are of course someone from the 90s. Keeping the concept of the original version in mind, the crypto version of Minesweeper is designed to have 25 tiles (5×5) or should we say boxes in the minefield. Turn each one of them and clear out the field without hitting any of the mines. If you are hesitant to turn all of them at one go, you can take advantage of the cash-out option that is always available as long as you don’t land on one of the mines. Also, while playing, you can freely adjust your field’s difficulty level all on your own. 


Watch the reels of a slot machine line up to form a winning combination with one spin. At CryptoGames, Slot is one of the top-rated games for beginners as it does not require any prerequisite skills to play the game. You can go through the list of winning combinations given on the website to learn how much each of them will payout. 


CryptoGames has brought an exclusive version of what is also known as 21 to many casino players around the world under its roof. Win against the dealer’s hand, by making sure you form 21 from the drawing of the first two cards. Or simply by making the dealer go over 21 at the end. To form and not exceed the number 21, you can always choose to double down, surrender, or split. Losing against the dealer will mean you will lose your entire bet amount. 


Gradually rising to popularity since the 80s, Plinko is now being featured in many casinos worldwide. The simple game has a pegged pyramid and different shades of balls. Each player will choose any one of the balls to play each round. The four shades are: red, green, blue, and yellow. In the crypto version, players get to choose the amount they want to bet and the color of the ball before they begin. The payout will however be calculated according to the value the resulting slot carries and the value the shade represents. 


If a game can represent how a piece of the ticket can bring fortunes, then Lottery is the perfect example for it. At CryptoGames, you can play Lottery with absolutely NO house edge, so, if you win, you win it all. You can use 4 cryptocurrencies to purchase the tickets from the “Buy Tickets” tab. The chatbox commands can also help you to directly purchase your lottery tickets for the current round. Price and prize for the lottery rounds will vary according to the cryptocurrency you choose to play with. Although there are no limits to how many tickets each player can buy, there is a limited number of tickets for each ongoing round.

Roulette, Dice, and DiceV2 offer Jackpots:

Meet the following conditions in any one of your bets to win bigger rewards from the progressive jackpots. 

 Conditions to look out for Roulette Jackpot: 

 -For the same crypto coin, score a 7, four times in a row

 -All your bets are profitable (return to player is more than bet amount)

 Conditions to look out for a Dice, DiceV2 Jackpot:  

 · Bet results in either 7,777 or 77,777 

 · Result is a winning roll 

 · Both the bet and profit amount matches minimum requirement set by the game.

Up Your Gambling Experience with the Finest

To make most of the entertainment brought to you by Cryptocurrencies and Crypto Casinos, you must seek the ultimate gambling experiences through reliable and safe resources only. And from what you have read so far, you must have realized that as far as CryptoGames is known, it has greatly influenced both the gambling industry and its consumers through the best elements. It is all that you can look out for in a crypto-based casino. It has immense potential to offer high-quality entertainment along with a safe and responsible gambling environment. Through the years, the crypto gambling industry has consistently proved to be holding promising stability in the entertainment sector so, an online casino like CryptoGames only adds more potential to it. Which you can be a part of today, so splurge your time and assets in the right place if you are seeking to release your stress and learn about the thrilling world of gambling. Never lack confidence or question transparency for your transaction methods, or security protocols. Instead, relish the access to a premium library of old school games and everything else all served in one place. Choose CryptoGames and experience the best of the best entertainment for a lifetime and yield fruitful rewards with all the modern cryptocurrencies. 

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