Dell CEO says going to pass on the Bitcoin 2

Dell CEO appreciated the potential and opportunities of Blockchain technology but about Bitcoin he didn’t know.

As all of us know very well about the Dell company, which is popularly known as a big laptop and computer seller company. As the company is a tech believer, they opted bitcoin in their payment system by July 2014. And further they launched their Bitcoin payment option globally in 2015. 

But due to lack of demand at that time, Dell terminated the bitcoin option to sell their products. 

Now this matter is in light because of a recent interview of Michael Dell, the founder and CEO of Dell Technologies, with Dealbook. 

In the statement, Michael Dell said that they are aware about the Blockchain technology but now he doesn’t think about Bitcoin the same. But the technology behind Bitcoin is appreciable.

“I think blockchain is probably underrated. Bitcoin, I’m going to pass on that. I don’t really know”

It is worth to note that Dell was the biggest tech company of the international market, which choosed bitcoin but unfortunately in the revolutionary movement, Dell is dragging its position away from the bitcoin adoption.

Tesla Suspended Bitcoin Payments

Earlier this, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, said that the company is no longer going to accept Bitcoin Payments because of high transaction fees and its lack of efficiency. And some days later, he announced to adopt DogeCoin as a replacement of bitcoin. 

But probably a situation is near, where Tesla may start to accept Bitcoin because Elon Musk knows about the potential of Bitcoin & its lightning Network concept, Which is in trend and use.

Even in the present time, tech company MicroStrategy is also Investing in bitcoin for the long term. 

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