DODOchain Unveils Pioneering Omni-Trading Layer3 Blockchain Enhanced by Arbitrum and AltLayer



The DODO team has announced the launch of DODOchain, an Omni-Trading Layer3 blockchain powered by Arbitrum Orbit, EigenLayer, and AltLayer. DODOchain stands as a pioneering Layer3 solution, bridging the Layer2 networks of Bitcoin and Ethereum and consolidating liquidity from diverse chains into a single platform.

DODO, since its inception in August 2020, has been a trailblazer in the crypto space. It introduced its unique Proactive Market Maker (PMM) algorithm, significantly enhancing capital efficiency and offering improved exchange rates. With the release of DODO V2 in February 2021, the platform expanded its offerings to cater to a broader range of assets and user groups. As of now, DODO operates on the mainnet of 14 blockchains, boasting over $141 billion in total trading volume, more than 24 million transactions, and a user base exceeding 3.31 million.

In the evolving landscape of blockchain technology, DODO identified the fragmented liquidity, high costs associated with multichain operations, security risks of cross-chain bridges, and the complexity of interacting with multiple blockchains as significant challenges facing Layer2 solutions. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, DODO proposes DODOchain as a transformative solution to these challenges, aiming to break down barriers between EVM and non-EVM ecosystems and enable the free flow of assets across different chains.


Bridging Blockchain Ecosystems with Layer3 Innovation

DODOchain, as a Layer3 solution, focuses on providing customized functions to overcome the limitations of Layer2 in terms of cross-chain interoperability. Acting as a bridge between blockchain ecosystems such as Ethereum, BTC, and Solana, Layer3 facilitates the free flow of data and transactions, enabling seamless connectivity and significantly reducing network fees.

Utilizing Arbitrum Orbit, DODOchain aims to offer users faster transaction execution, minimal gas costs, and higher stable returns. In addition to these benefits, DODOchain will provide omni-chain liquidity outposts, offering users a full suite of products and services including Omni Trade, Omni Liquidity, and Omni Mining. Furthermore, DODOchain will feature a BTC L2 and ETH L2 Connector, enabling connections to BTC L2 and ETH L2 and attracting new users and assets to the platform. Additionally, DODOchain will offer native staking yields for assets, enhancing the overall trading and user experience.

To enhance its capabilities and ensure the security and efficiency of its platform, DODOchain has partnered with key industry players. Arbitrum Orbit offers DODOchain enhanced scalability, efficiency, and ease of use while maintaining the security guarantees of the Ethereum ecosystem. Eigenlayer, with its EigenDA component specializing in data availability, will enable DODOchain to leverage Ethereum’s consensus and security features.


Furthermore, DODOchain has adopted AltLayer’s restaked rollups infrastructure based on EigenLayer’s powerful restaking mechanism, strengthening network security, decentralization, and facilitating rapid deployment and cross-chain interoperability. The DODOchain Testnet provides an opportunity for users to experience the seamless, efficient, and secure ecosystem that DODOchain aims to create for cross-chain trading and liquidity sharing. Explore the DODOchain Testnet at

Overall, DODOchain introduces a rollup-level liquidity layer that unifies liquidity from various chains. With its support for swaps and cross-chain transactions, DODOchain aims to streamline asset integration and movement in the Omni-chain era, offering a seamless, efficient, and secure ecosystem for cross-chain trading and liquidity sharing.

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