Doge Co-founder says “Doge needs NFTs and ETH bridge”

Doge Co-founder says “Doge needs NFTs and ETH bridge”
Doge Co-founder says "Doge needs NFTs and ETH bridge" 2

The co-founder of DogeCoin took to twitter and suggested to make a bridge between Ethereum and DogeCoin and make it available to pay for the payments on the NFTs based platforms.

Billy Marcus is co-founder of DogeCoin and co-founded DogeCoin in 2013 with other head developer Jackson Palmer. Right now Marcus is no longer in the DogeCoin project as a developer. While recently he claimed that he is entering the crypto space to do trading. 

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On 20 September, Marcus shared two important things that can boost the use of DogeCoin. 

In the first suggestion, Marcus suggested a complete bridge between DogeCoin and Ethereum blockchain. 

This first suggestion is a clear indication that the bridge between the DogeCoin blockchain network and Ethereum blockchain network is in progress. 

In the second suggestion, he suggested establishing partnership with a popular NFTs platform to accept DogeCoin-Ethereum payment. For this he suggested OpenSea. 

According to Billy Marcus, NFTs projects are in full trend and that can be utilized for the adoption of DogeCoin to use in the payment purpose. And surely this will increase the adoption and use case. 

Well here all these are just matter of time, but here we can say with 100% certainty that DogeCoin developers are working on the development of the Doge-Ethereum bridge. 

Recently, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin suggested DogeCoin developers to limit the supply through coin burning protocol and shift the DogeCoin from POW consensus to POS consensus.

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