Dogecoin developer describes Shiba Inu a hype 6

Bill Markus shared his stance on the Shiba inu coin indirectly and claimed that all is part of the hype. 

As we already covered much about the Shiba inu coin hype in the crypto space, how it grabbed huge attention in the crypto industry and made many people rich in a small interval of time. Shiba inu is a meme coin, which is a part of trend only just like DogeCoin. Shiba Inu coin getting better support because of its community support, while Shiba has no actual use concept contrary to the DogeCoin, which originated to use in the donation payment. 

Due to the increasing hype since the end of October of this year, DogeCoin lead developer, Billy Markus, shared his stance on the Shiba inu coin indirectly. However, Billy Markus is no longer in the DogeCoin project but still, he is now a crypto trader and also a supporter of DogeCoin, who remains active on Twitter. 

On 4 November, Billy Markus wrote on Twitter that hype remains temporary & it attracts people to get rich quick but once it will last then people move toward another hype. 

And further suggested that if the team wants to add value then they need to go through a process to add value. 

So, according to Billy, the Shiba inu team needed to do development work and needed to integrate the Shiba inu coin for actual use instead to attract hype. 

In response to this tweet, Tesla CEO Elon Musk replied “Hype^Hype” i.e hype is responsible for more hype. 

After the collaborative tweet of Elon Musk and Billy Markus, many Shiba inu coin supporters started to troll both of these personalities. However, there were many, who supported both of these guys to suggest the Shiba community to bring a the better level by adding the value with actual use case purpose.

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