Eco-Friendly NFT Game Green Beli raises $1.1M led by prominent Blockchain Industry Players

Eco-Friendly NFT Game Green Beli raises $1.1M led by prominent Blockchain Industry Players
Eco-Friendly NFT Game Green Beli raises $1.1M led by prominent Blockchain Industry Players

NFTs have become increasingly popular over the last few months, thanks to blockchains. Blockchains, like Ethereum, have become an invaluable platform for developers to explore and come up with creative projects, and that includes NFTs. While some issues like high energy consumption and transaction fees still persist, Ethereum 2.0 has taken great steps to resolve these issues by implementing eco-friendly protocols that will reduce energy consumption and positively impact the climate.

Currently, the world is battling climate change due to various human activities. The quest for man to live in a better environment has led to the building of several industries, which rely on coal. This has increased the number of carbon emissions, eventually impacting the human lifespan and the ozone layer. Luckily, blockchain technology can help restore nature’s balance and curb this depleting climate change through implementing various projects.

$1.1 Million Funding to Scale the Project’s Growth

Funded by the likes of BSC Station, Basics Capital, and prominent influencers, Green Beli is on the journey to transform the blockchain gaming industry. Other leading industry figures contributed to the successful fundraise including BSC Station, Onebit, Basics Capital, FIM Ventures, AU21 Capital, X21, and Momentum 6 are supporting the greener earth phenomena that the project revolves around. The fresh funding will advance scaling up the project development and drive community growth, in turn providing a fascinating user experience to the players.

Green Beli is one such project with a mission to implement eco-friendly protocols, promote green energy usage, and help others to imbibe in the ideology of keeping the world safe from deadly emissions. However, projects like this require a lot of funds, and that’s why the initiative developed the Green Beli NFT Game, using blockchain codes. This game will generate the needed funds for the visionary green project through the sale of NFT items in-game.

It has also onboarded industry experts including Scofield from BSC Station, Larry Shi from Basics Capital, Lester Lim from X21 Digital, and Cris D. Tran from Fam Central on the advisory board.

The Road Ahead

Green Beli is a play-to-earn NFT Game inspired by our aspiration to combine the blockchain gaming world with the notions of environmental awareness and sustainability. Through this game, we commit to using part of its ecosystem fund to support eco-activities. It is not just a play-to-earn game in the blockchain world. We believe it is the game that could introduce blockchain to millions of players.

We also have a bigger vision to combine Green Map, our original project with the game and integrate these green places on the metaverse. We have exciting plans ahead towards a greater contribution to the NFT and gaming ecosystem.

The main focus is driving community initiatives for players who believe in the vision of the project and working towards the development of our game. The project plans  to release Farming and Staking programs and also working towards an open Tree for seed sale with a value of 20.000 Seeds by the end of September

Moreover, the beta version will be expected by mid-October followed by users participating in the program in November, later this year.