Eizper Chain Secures $2M In Funding Via Private NFT Sale And Seed Round

Eizper Chain Secures $2M In Funding Via Private NFT Sale And Seed Round
Eizper Chain Secures $2M In Funding Via Private NFT Sale And Seed Round

Eizper Chain, a Solana-Based Action Role Playing Game (ARPG) is proud to announce that it has raised $2 million from its just-concluded seed round and private NFT sale.

Eizper Chain is an ARPG game that is powered by the Solana network. It carries the F2P-P2E (Free-to-Play – Play-to-Earn) model with Fantasy Steampunk art style and high-quality graphics. The gaming project is gaining impressive interest from investors even at its early stage as Eizper Chain unveiled that it secured $1.625 million in seed funding from various prominent investors and venture capitalists.

According to the announcement, the investment round was led by Alameda Research. Further investment funding was received from Huobi Ventures, Crypto.com Capital, Solar Eco Fund, Petrock Capital. Nyan Heroes, ROK Capital, and multiple angel investors like Jack Teoh, Ivan lam, Arnold Poernomo, and others.

The Founder and CEO of Eizper Chain, Rudi Harli expressed his gratitude towards prominent investor that has supported the funding round saying;

“We’re proud to present Eizper Chain’s Seed Partners! It is an honor to have their amazing support, as well as that of the community on our journey while we seek to be at the forefront of the next generation of gaming!”

Evans Huangfu, a Senior Investment Manager of Huobi Ventures, one of the leading investors in Eizper Chain also acknowledged the project’s relevance in the Indonesian market and anticipates further corporations in the future.

“After investigation, we noticed that Indonesia is a very potential market. We believe that this solid team and high-quality games will bring something new to this inspiring market. We hope to cooperate and provide support as a strategic partner in the future.” Huangfu said.

Furthermore, the seed round funding was followed by a private NFT sale which helped the team raise $375,000 by selling 650 packages of various NFT cards. Further announcements disclosed that 1,200 additional packages will be available during the upcoming public sale on March 12, 2022, on the Eizper Chain website.

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