El Salvador achieved top-level export growth, Is it Bitcoin?

El Salvador achieved top-level export growth, Is it Bitcoin? 2

El Salvador reached 48.1% export growth after the corona pandemic situation in the whole world. 

At the end of 2019, Corona started to take place in the most developed countries in the whole world, where America was at the top. In between 2020 to 2022, most of the countries faced huge issues in terms of economic crashes. However, there are few countries, which balanced their economy with better strategy but most of the countries are still struggling to come to the best level in terms of growth after corona pandemic.

Most of the countries are dependent on each other. Countries are using resources of each other, to get things at better and affordable prices. 

On 14 December, Forbes Central America shared a research report on El Salvador, where El Salvador is at the top level in terms of export growth among other American states. The current export growth of El Salvador is 48.1%. After El Salvador, there is Panam at second position with 43.9% export growth. While the lowest position was grabbed by Honduras. 

These records are made under the COVID 19 pandemic situation and these records are showing that El Salvador and Panama-like countries are doing better, even under such critical situations in the world.

Nayib Bukele: game-changer 

Nayib Bukele is president of El Salvador and grabbed the position of president of El Salvador after winning the election 2019. 

Nayib Bukele is not only a politician or president of El Salvador but he is also a businessman and through the better strategy of ruling in El Salvador he also proved himself as the most successful president of El Salvador. 

Records of Forbes Central America showed that the president is doing very well. However, the joining of El Salvador’s position by Nayib Bukele was the same year of COVID 19 pandemic but still, he proved himself a better political party. 

On 7 September, El Salvador Successfully officially adopted Bitcoin as legal tender alongside the use of the US dollar. And also brought many plans to generate revenue for El Salvador, like Volcano Bitcoin mining, Bitcoin bond and also introduced Bitcoin city to grabbed huge attention in the whole world to show the efforts and success of El Salvador with Bitcoin And how it grabbed success in the world with Bitcoin adoption. And not only government treasury fund increasing but also people are getting advantages like Investment opportunities in Bitcoin-Bond and holding Bitcoin with tax-free gain.

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