El Salvador Have Started Mining Bitcoin through green energy

El Salvador Have Started Mining Bitcoin through green energy
El Salvador Have Started Mining Bitcoin through green energy 2

The President of El Salvador mined shared Bitcoin, mined through the government Bitcoin mining plant of El Salvador.

Around 4 days ago, Nayib Bukele, president of El Salvador, shared a video on twitter which shows that engineers were installing Bitcoin mining rigs in the volcano energy power plant. 

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Yesterday on 1 October, Nayib Bukele shared an image of Bitcoin mining operations, which contains that El Salvador mined 0.0108 BTC. 

Mr. Nayib also tweeted about the mined fraction of Bitcoin and wrote

“we are still testing and installing but this is first official Bitcoin from volcano”

So it is an early stage record of the mined Bitcoin by El Salvador’s official mining plant, and hopefully El Salvador will implement huge mining rigs to increase the hash power to mine Bitcoin in huge amounts. 

During the making of Bitcoin law, Nayib Bukele also talked about the opportunities that they can utilize in generating revenue for the nation. He said that they will use green & sustainable energy for the mining of bitcoin. After the passing of the Bitcoin law, the President claimed that our engineers are in progress for this initiative. 

At the present time, there are many active volcanoes in El Salvador. If we talk about the exact record which are source of the electricity for El Salvador then there are 20 active volcanoes, which are in use. 

Right now, El Salvador is grabbing around 21% of the electricity consumption through the Volcanoes well. And now they will generate more and more energy for the bItcoin mining at a high scale.

Since the beginning, Bitcoin law and adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender by El Salvador was not easy and even in the present time crypto haters are talking about its negative impact instead of seeing the positive sides. 

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