El Salvador President Shares Images of What Seems To Be Its Volcano-Powered Bitcoin Mining Facility

El Salvador President Shares Images of What Seems To Be Its Volcano-Powered Bitcoin Mining Facility

El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele may be receiving a wave of criticism due to his hasty decision to declare Bitcoin as legal tender in his country, but that is not stopping him from moving forward and instead seems to be fueling his urge to push the gas pedal even harder.

A few hours ago, Bukele shared a tweet showing what appears to be the installation of several Bitcoin mining machines inside a geothermal electricity generation plant.

“First Steps”

Bukele’s words, “First Steps,” were short – and addressed to his new fans in perfect English with the corresponding #Bitcoin. This time he didn’t even bother to tweet in Spanish, the official language of his home nation.

The tweet shows a video with an aerial view of a facility that generates electrical power from the heat of volcanoes; it then transitions to a cargo truck identified with the logo of the Government of El Salvador, to then give way to what appears to be a man setting up a Bitcoin mining farm with several Asics at work. The presentation ends with a panoramic view of the power plant.

Geothermal plant in El Salvador that could be used to mine Bitcoin. Image: Nayib Bukele via Twitter
Geothermal plant in El Salvador. Image: Nayib Bukele via Twitter

The tweet has been one of the president’s most popular posts, with more than 28 thousand likes, 7.6 thousand retweets, and more than 1600 comments, including the ones from Bitcoin enthusiasts, OGs and influencers such as Dan Held from Kraken, Jay Hao from OKEx, Peter Schiff’s son, Spencer Schiff, and the pseudonymous Hodlnaut.

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Bukele is used to tweeting and being very active on social media, and if anything, he has shown that when he wants something, he does everything in his power to achieve it, and he doesn’t need to wait or talk about it for too long.

The controversial Bitcoin Law, which declared the cryptocurrency as legal tender, was announced at the Bitcoin 2021 event in Miami and presented to Congress a few days later. Within hours, the country’s lawmakers approved it without much discussion.

After the corresponding online celebration, Bukele said he was interested in the idea of using energy from volcanoes to mine Bitcoin with cheap, non-polluting energy. Memes quickly spread, but the idea was never considered more than a mere curiosity.

Today’s video shows that the president of El Salvador took it very seriously, and if the past is anything to go by, very soon, the world could be celebrating the opening of the first public bitcoin mining farm powered by volcanic energy.