El Salvador using Bitcoin profit for school & hospitals

El Salvador using Bitcoin profit for school & hospitals
El Salvador using Bitcoin profit for school & hospitals 2

The president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, shared some important steps of the country toward the development of Bitcoin profit. 

Recently, Nayib Bukele- president of El Salvador–  retweeted a series of tweets of the Press Secretary of the Presidency’s Twitter account. 

Through the tweets, it has been found that government authorities of El Salvador will use the profit of bitcoin earned in building the infrastructure of 20 schools and hospitals for the citizens of El Salvador. 

Another tweet revealed that this initiative of El Salvador will not only bring facilities like education & health services but it will bring huge employment for El Salvador’ citizens. According to the tweet, around 300 people will get jobs in this new infrastructure to handle the operations of services.

The  Press Secretary of the Presidency announced through the Twitter account 

“..want to announce that with a few million that we have left from the profits of Bitcoin we are going to build the first 20 schools Bitcoin, fully equipped and modern…This hospital is being made with the profit from the purchase of Bitcoin…In addition, this veterinary hospital is going to hire 300 Salvadorans who will work here, and who will have a decent and well-paid job.”

Nayib Bukele against Bitcoin law haters 

Through every retweet, Nayib Bukele targeted all those people, especially opposition parties, which trolled El Salvador’ government to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender. According to Nayib, if the El Salvador government had not fought against the criticism then surely in the present time, El Salvador will not be able to see such development works for public benefits. 

Here we can see clearly that, Many people criticized El Salvador to work on bitcoin instead to create job opportunities. But here Nayib Bukele proved his decision a new Era of development and growth with Bitcoin adoption.

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