El Salvador’s president promoting Chivo Bitcoin Wallet against Increased fuel prices

El Salvador's president promoting Chivo Bitcoin Wallet against Increased fuel prices 2

The President of El Salvador tried to reduce the stress from their citizens over the increased price of fuels in the international market through the Chivo Wallet discount.

In the present time, the Official Bitcoin Chivo wallet is getting huge success in the financial category of the playstore apps in El Salvador. At present, Chivo wallet has more than 25% of the population of El Salvador’s users and users are continuously growing day by day. 

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Recently Nayib Bukele, president of El Salvador, tweeted and clearly said that they will give $ 0.2 discount per gallon of fuel for all the companies whether they are public or private.

Nayib Bukele also confirmed that this offer will remain available for at least till 14 October. So clearly there are chances that the government of El Salvador may extend this offer for the next few days also. 

Right now this offer started since 30th September. 

The main reason to give the discount on the fuel is to remove the rising price pressure from El Salvador’s citizens. According to Nayib Bukele, the price of the fuel increased for one year in the international market. Through twitter Nayib Bukele added 

“The Government will absorb the increases that are taking place in the international market for one year,”

So this discount offer will not only help the citizens of El Salvador but also will help in the Chivo wallet promotion and adoption of Bitcoin through Chivo wallet & Bitcoin law. 

For this discount offer, Nayib Bukele said, this initiative of discount on fuels will help small and big businesses’ economies.

 “This will not only alleviate the pocket of households, but also that of small businesses, helping to strengthen our economy and that the most vulnerable sectors also feel the benefit of the economic growth that our country is having.”

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