El Salvador's president says Bitcoin can't be hacked 2

El Salvador’s president took to twitter and wrote Bitcoin can’t be hacked and getting better attention from the non- El Salvador countries’ people. 

After the implementation of Bitcoin law on 7 September, many criticism and negative statements are coming from the crypto-haters for Nagib Bukele, President of El Salvador. But still from time to time Nayib Bukele always keeps engaging people in the bitcoin law. 

On 5 October, Nayib Bukele, tweeted a single line “Bitcoin can’t be hacked” and tried to indicate that people are using unhackable technology through the Chivo wallet. 

After the tweet, many people started to criticize Nayib for his tweet for bitcoin and few started to share news regarding the hack attacks on crypto related platforms. While there were many people who appreciated the working system of Nayib Bukele as a successful president of El Salvador to adopt this innovative technology. 

On 4 October, Nayib Bukele informed their followers that the official digital Bitcoin wallet Chivo of El Salvador has a total of 3 million active users. 

If we look in the Google play store, then we find that the Chivo wallet has already crossed high downloads. But recently due to server downtime of Whatsapp & Facebook, people moved toward Telegram, which crossed the Chivo wallet. Nayib Bukele shared this information through the twitter by sharing a screenshot

Here data and records of the Chivo wallet users, clearly shows how much the citizens of El Salvador are eager to adopt the Bitcoin payments system in contrast to the survey results, which were indicating that people don’t want Bitcoin to adopt for payment purpose.

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