Elon Musk urges Dogecoin community to run own nodes

Elon Musk urges Dogecoin community to run own nodes
Elon Musk urges Dogecoin community to run own nodes 2

Past DogeCoin developer suggested to the community to update the node to lower the Doge transaction fees and up the network.

On 13 October, Shibetoshi Nakamoto ( Billy Markus), Developer of the DogeCoin who is no longer in the DogeCoin project, has taken to twitter to appeal to the DogeCoin community to support the DogeCoin network through the update of nodes. 

Shibetoshi tweeted, to keep the transactions and data of the blockchain network, running of nodes is an important thing. And it will be much better if the DogeCoin community supporters can update their nodes with the 1.14.4. 

Shibetoshi explained that 1.14.4 nodes will help to lower the transaction fees of the DogeCoin blockchain network. 

Also, Shibetoshi urged other people of the DogeCoin community to run their own nodes to support the network. And also claimed that If all the existing node runners will update their nodes, then it will help much and also will be sufficient to provide DogeCoin transactions at low fees. 

In response, Elon Musk replied with an emoji “Thumbs Up”. 

Before this, many times Elon Musk and Billy Markus urged the community to go with node running to support the network of DogeCoin to help the developers to bring the transactions at low cost.

Earlier this, Billy Markus suggested two important things to make the adoption of the DogeCoin at a high level. He suggested to the developers to complete the Doge-Eth bridge and establish partnership with OpenSea-like platforms, which can accept Dogecoin payment.

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