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  • EOS is more of a liability than it is an asset.
  • Shareholders of Block. one are not the same as EOS token holders, they find in position.
  • EOS has not benefited from the rise in overall market size.

“There’s no sugar-coating it, EOS, as it is now, is a failure,” the growing community “CEO” of EOS said in a speech in China. Adding that “EOS does not match”

EOS is currently in a position in which Block’s failed obligations and failings are weighing it down no matter what it does. Block. one is professing to provide value to EOS and dangles this pretense to quell any potential uprising. They’ve abandoned their desire to contribute, and their EOS has become more of a liability than just an asset. It’s a responsibility in terms of legal liability, media liability, and overall financial liability. This isn’t to suggest that specific Block. one employee doesn’t want to offer value. But the machine as a whole isn’t focused on EOS in any significant way.

The shareholders of Block. one are not anything like the holders of EOS tokens, and they have found themselves burdened by an entity that wouldn’t want to be here. They are witnessing a transition in which the EOS community is positioning itself to move away from Block. One, effectively forking them out. Block. one will continue to drag EOS down till this official shift occurs. EOS is Block. one to the rest of the bitcoin blockchain, and Block. One is fraudulent, so EOS is also dishonest.

The EOS Network Foundation is unusual in that it is a direct consequence of the holes & gaps that have been formed over the last three years.

The EOS Network Foundation’s foundation at this time allows EOS to be exceptional. It’s effective, focused, and determined in its capital allocation and vision formulation.

The EOS Network Foundation has indeed been able to define the foundation for the EOS ecosystems in the previous two months. Allowing it to redeploy and execute on a new vision. And create a roadmap that will enable stakeholders to envision themselves inside that vision.

The EOS Network Foundation is basing some of its pillars on its products. And making them open to everyone as public goods pillars. These are called pillars as they will support whatever is put on top of them.

The EOS Network Foundation is evolving toward a paradigm similar to Ethereum, with numerous core development studios rather than just one.

By utilizing the EOS Network Foundation as a central point of communication. EOS now has all it needs to advertise itself internally and externally effectively.

The overall increase in market capitalization has not helped EOS. Because of the story and marketing, the coin has consistently lagged behind its counterparts.

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