Exscudo: $250M Processed in 2021 and 600+ Currency Pairs in the FinTap Wallet

Exscudo: $250M Processed in 2021 and 600+ Currency Pairs in the FinTap Wallet
Exscudo: $250M Processed in 2021 and 600+ Currency Pairs in the FinTap Wallet

Exscudo is the company behind FinTap, the ultimate fiat-friendly crypto wallet that supports 10 fiat payment systems (including SEPA and PayPal) and instant currency swaps at the best locked-in rates. 2022 is promising to be an explosive year for Exscudo, with an IDO and many new products launching, so it’s worth looking into this ecosystem.

Key info about Exscudo and FinTap wallet

Exscudo is a versatile crypto-fiat payment ecosystem that supports over  50+ cryptocurrencies, as well as USD, EUR, and RUB. At its heart is the Exscudo Exchange Core (OTC Core), which brings together many brokers and liquidity providers to enable instant crypto-crypto and crypto-fiat swaps at the most competitive exchange rates.

Exscudo’s flagship product is FinTap, a non-custodial blockchain wallet with a built-in messenger. Note that FinTap was previously called Channels – so, if you look for Exscudo reviews online, don’t get confused: it’s not two different wallets, just one that’s been rebranded.

Exscudo reviews consistently point out four big advantages of FinTap:

1) Fiat deposits and withdrawals using 10 different payment systems. The wallet enables MasterCard, SEPA bank transfers, PayPal, and many others.

2) More than 600 ways to convert money. All 60+ supported currencies can be swapped in hundreds of pairs, including those you won’t find on other exchanges. 

3) Great transparent exchange rates. When swapping one currency for another in Exscudo, the coin price will be better than on most crypto platforms. The OTC Core algorithm selects the best rate among those offered by different brokers. If you accept the trade, the rate is locked for 10 minutes using a special risk-hedging tool. This way you always get the same amount as displayed in the search results – no slippage. 

4) A secure instant messenger. Judging by the recent Exscudo reviews, many people use FinTap primarily as a blockchain messenger. 

5) 0% in-app fees. FinTap runs on the permissioned Exscudo EON blockchain, which charges only a minimal fee, so sending crypto to a friend via FinTap is virtually free. 

In 2021 alone, the platform has processed over $250 million in transaction volume, mostly currency swaps and acquiring operations. In addition, the company has been in the market since 2016.

Crypto acquiring, White Label products, and developer tools

MultiAcquiring: the next big thing for Exscudo

Another product on which the team is betting big is MultiAcquiring, a crypto-fiat payment gateway for online and offline businesses. 

Crypto payments are a huge and constantly growing business, with many competing providers. However, MultiAcquiring by Exscudo offers a lot of features that merchants won’t find elsewhere:

1) 60+ crypto- and fiat currencies: all the currencies available in FinTap are also supported by MultiAcquiring (more to be added soon).

2) Extreme flexibility: customers can choose how to pay (crypto or fiat, PayPal or bank card, etc.), and merchants can choose how to receive the money thanks to automatic conversions.

3) Many payment systems: in the future, MultiAcquiring should support up to 95% of the world’s payment systems and currencies. 

White Label

Exscudo’s crypto acquiring gateway and FinTap are also available as White Label, meaning that an entrepreneur can launch an identical gateway or wallet under their own brand. White Label is one of the easiest ways to start a crypto business.


The SDK (software development kit) is aimed at programmers and crypto project teams. With it, one can easily integrate some of FinTap’s features into another blockchain app. Unlike the White Label, the use of SDK is free. 

Upcoming Exscudo IDO: what you need to know about the FTP token

In the near future, you will be able to become part of this rapidly growing ecosystem by joining the IDO of Exscudo. Scam ICO’s of the past have been supplanted first by IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) and then by IDO (Initial Decentralized Offering) as a much more transparent and secure way to sell tokens.

The original Exscudo ICO in 2017 allowed the team to build the OTC Exchange Core and the FinTap wallet and messenger, and the Exscudo EON blockchain. As the next step, the project will release FTP, the new Exscudo coin – or, more correctly, a token, since a crypto asset is only called a coin when it runs on its own blockchain. FTP, by contrast, will run on several chains – possibly Ethereum, Polygon, and/or BSC. 

Consequently, users will be able to buy Exscudo tokens on decentralized exchanges based on different chains: for example, Uniswap, PancakeSwap, SushiSwap, etc. This will be good for the token’s liquidity and long-term stability.

The IDO schedule isn’t determined yet, so for now you won’t find Exscudo reviews talking about FTP. Closer to the date, the team will publish information about the upcoming FTP sale (by Exscudo on ICO and IDO tracker sites like ICO Drops and ICO Marks. This will include the Exscudo FTP coin price, cryptocurrencies that you’ll be able to buy Exscudo tokens with (such as USDT or USDC), and the maximum allocation per person (usually around $500).

What’s next for Exscudo?

The majority of Exscudo reviews focus on the FinTap messenger and wallet, but the project’s roadmap for 2022 and 2023 covers far more ground. Here are some of the planned new products and features.

  • A token swap platform and launchpad. This product is aimed at crypto projects and liquidity providers. Once listed on the new launchpad by Exscudo, a coin or token will become available in FinTap for users to swap it for other cryptos; while merchants will be able to accept it as payment through MultiAcquiring. Any potential new token will have to be whitelisted by Exscudo: scam projects won’t get any chances to get on the launchpad.
  • An advanced trading terminal. The new terminal will give traders access to several large crypto exchanges using just a single account on Exscudo. Price quotes on exchanges can sometimes differ considerably; the new terminal will let traders take advantage of such arbitrage gaps. 
  • A move to full decentralization. As correctly pointed out by some Exscudo reviews, in its present form the ecosystem combines decentralized and centralized features. For example, the FinTap wallet is non-custodial and the EON blockchain has over 200 validators, but the OTC Core is managed in a centralized way.

Of course, a certain level of centralization was essential at the early stage, including for compliance reasons. But by the end of 2023, the team wants to make the whole ecosystem decentralized, including all of its products. This may entail passing control to a DAO of FTP holders.

FinTap is just the beginning: Exscudo certainly has big things ahead of it. You’ll find detailed information on the official site of Exscudo and the FinTap page.