Facebook’s Outage confirms Bitcoin is best with decentralized nature 2

A report confirms that decentralized nature of blockchain technology is far better than centralized because centralised platforms have issues because of the controllers. 

Few days back, Facebook & Whatsapp platforms went down for 6-7 hours and in that interval of time many people needed to shift to another social media platform like telegram. 

The CEO of Facebook, informed about the Facebook & Whatsapp outage and claimed that it was a small issue that arose during a routine maintenance work by their engineers. 

Now let’s talk about the outage of a decentralized platform. If we look at the Ethereum network then it went down around 3 times in the last 12 months, while Solana only went down one time. 

No matter, what was the main reason, whether decentralized attacks of software development bugs. 

It has been seen many times that people say that decentralized platforms are very risky because no one is responsible for any kind of issue of outage of the operations. But here if we see toward Bitcoin then rarely Bitcoin’s network goes down. And it is because of the support for Bitcoin by the miners and validators, which are supporting the network from all over the world. 

Mike Dickens, operations manager at non-fungible token ecosystem Blockasset, talked about the decentralized nature of the Bitcoin in an interview with Beinctypto.com and added 

“Bitcoin is the most established and long-running network, as more miners and nodes have joined the network over time it has become more and more decentralized,” 

However he claimed that decentralized nature is Increasing from time to time instead and it’s not a sudden thing that can be achieved. But still it is much better than other crypto or centralized platforms, which claim that centralized platforms are not better.

Reports also suggested that many times, Bitcoin lighting firms got online attack for their operations, but due to decentralization, no one take care about it.

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