• Bitcoin’s current market cap of $884 billion represents a 20% share of the value market.
  • The estimated price indicates a +8.29% increase from the DeFi asset’s current value.

As part of its ongoing efforts to diversify its institutional investment portfolio, Goldman Sachs has had its eye on Bitcoin and Ethereum for some time now. Derivatives based on digital assets are another long-term goal of the bank. A partnership with Galaxy Digital in June 2021 marked the Wall Street giant’s first venture into the cryptocurrency market. In March 2022, Goldman Sachs and Galaxy Digital performed their first-ever over-the-counter (OTC) cryptocurrency transactions in collaboration with each other.

One-fifth of the world’s stored value market is now held by Bitcoin’s $884 billion market value. According to Goldman Sachs insiders, the cryptocurrency market share might rise to 50% during the next few years, resulting in a price increase of $100,000. The Ethereum Fund from Galaxy Digital is also available to Goldman Sachs customers.

Historical Accuracy Rate of 80%

ETH’s price has surged over the previous several weeks, hitting a high of $3,470 on January 6, 2022, its highest level since then. With a historical accuracy percentage of 80 percent, the CoinMarketCap crypto community predicts that the digital currency will trade at an average of $3,769 by the end of April 2022 with 32,950 votes. Many experts share these beliefs. Lark Davis, for example, recently tweeted that he was “bullish” on bitcoin, Ethereum, and the crypto industry as a whole.

In comparison to the asset’s current market value of $3,479, the anticipated price shows a rise of $288 (+8.29 percent). With 20,447 community members casting their votes for the last day of May, ETH is expected to be trading at $3,653 +$171.82 (+4.93 percent) to the current price of $3,653.

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