FBI team-up with Israeli Police to detain 26 crypto scammers

FBI team-up with Israeli Police to detain 26 crypto scammers
FBI team-up with Israeli Police to detain 26 crypto scammers 2

The Federal Bureau of Investigation arrested 26 crypto bad actors in collaboration with the police authorities of Israel. 

Recently, local officials received some information regarding the scams, where a group of crypto scammers were tricking people with the promise to give jobs/employment in the digital assets based works. In actuality the group was active in money laundering and stole huge amounts of funds from innocent people with the name of employment. 

After the report information, FBI and Israeli police authorities teamed up and detained 26 suspects regarding the case in the night. And investigators seized their Digital hardwares and storage devices also, as a proof of search operation on these fraudsters. 

Investigators didn’t revealed any kind of detail or information of the detained suspects of the case and also didn’t reveal any kind of information about the companies for which they were working. The whole incident took place in Tel Aviv. And all the detained suspects are from central Israel.

According to the reports, a suspect who is at age 30, will appear at Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court this week. So that the whole case can be solved and victims can get their money back. 

Local Investigation authorities also revealed that they were doing such operations on illegal cybers crimes and encountered many such groups, which were actively stealing money from others. 

Last year big crypto scam 

Around a year ago an exchange Thodex did a big scam. Actually the CEO of the exchange stole all the $2 billion funds of the exchange and fled to another country. 

After that, a total of 400,000 users of Thodex found that they were not able to access their accounts since long time. Further investigation revealed all about the scam. And then Turkish police arrested total 62 people including the brother and sisters of the CEO. 

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