Ferrari Zooms Into Metaverse and NFT

  • Ferrari prepares to outshine upon the Metaverse.
  • Lays out complete plans regarding both Metaverse and NFT technology. 
  • Clearly all view Metaverse as the future.

It’s like the same talks over and over again, as the concentration towards the epic Metaverse ought to dominate the entire world. Almost all the tech giants are evidently working on and into the Metaverse technology. Apart from them, all top notch firms upon all industries are now making their plans and preparing their agenda towards the Metaverse. 

Moreover, as the Non Fungible Token (NFT), serves as a vital tarde upon the Metaverse, the already well established NFT sector is blasting up epicly. With all this into concern, one of the world’s top automobile and race car manufacturers with a legacy and legend which will last forever, the Italian stallion, Ferrari prepares itself for the future!

Ferrari’s Metaverse and NFT Plans

The Italian premium luxury and sports car manufacturer, Ferrari is making itself ready to make it’s same legendary impression it has in the real world, also take on to the digital world and the future. In such terms, Ferrari is gearing itself completely to take over an epic ride into the Metaverse and the NFT technology too. 

Many depict that this move by Ferrari will indeed distinguish itself evidently upon the digital world too. As the world knows very well what the caliber of Ferrari truly is, apart from the Ferrari owners, anyone can get the Ferrari experience upon the real world Ferrari parks, the Ferrari World. Truly being a mindblowing factor, Ferrari will be making a much more grand experience upon the digital world too. 

Accordingly, the CEO of Ferrari, Benedetto Vigna reveals that they have devised a completely separate department for the digital sector. This department will be indulging, making plans and executing all upon the digital services available, like Virtual Reality, Metaverse, NFT, gaming, social media and much more. 

Apart from this, the CEO also points out that the department is currently focusing earnestly on three prominent attributes which are the Blockchain technology, the Metaverse and the NFT. 

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