Filecoin integrates Flow blockchain to make NFTs more decentralized 2

Filecoin established an integration with the Flow blockchain as a part of partnership with their services to make NFTs and storage on the filecoin network more decentralized.

As we know Filecoin is a blockchain storage based blockchain platform which enables users to manage their data in the decentralized medium. 

In August 2020, a development work was going on to integrate the services of Filecoin with the Flow Blockchain by the Dappers Lab. Now following that comment, They announced their success to complete their work to make their services more user friendly for both the platforms. 

Now all the FileCoin users can mint NFTs, leverage InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) content in the Filecoin Decentralized blockchain.

One thing here mandatory to note, which is clearly told by the Filecoin team, the detailed location of the data will be owned by the centralised entity and it will be a down side for this integrated service users.

Filecoin added 

“In content-based addressing, content is no longer retrieved from single locations on the web. Rather, content is retrieved from any participating nodes on the IPFS network that have the content you’re requesting,”

Filecoin also said that the upcoming project applications on the Flow blockchain will also be allowed to integrate the Filecoin Decentralized blockchain solutions of data storage to protect the NFTs media assets and database. 

Flow Blockchain is still a new platform and its age is around 1 year+ because it was launched in the late 2020 by Dapper Labs. In the last month, Dapper Labs made huge achievements through its partnership with the big big projects like NFT projects, including NBA Top Shot and CryptoKitties. And also this team raised $250 million through the funding round. 

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