First Kusama Statemine Token RMRK Now Available on CEXs

[PRESS RELEASE – Zug, 29 Sept]

The RMRK Association announces that the RMRK token, the utility and governance token of the popular NFT protocol, is now available for purchase on Kucoin and Gate.

This is the very first Statemine fungible token to be available for trading globally. Statemine is a public-good parachain on the Kusama network, Polkadot’s canary blockchain, designed to be the canonical balance-keeper of thousands of different fungible and non-fungible tokens. RMRK is the first such token to become globally tradable through CEXes.

Some of RMRK’s many utilities include:

  • a metaverse currency
  • staking to mine resources in a Play to Earn metaverse
  • sponsorship to go carbon-negative during the minting of NFTs
  • governance of platform parameters like fees, commissions, stakelocks and more
  • curation and verification of fellow artists on the flagship marketplace Singular
  • collateral in DeFi
  • and more…

The token was given away in a fairdrop to buyers of NFTs during April’s and May’s NFT sale and is 89% in the hands of the community.

With the team keeping only 5% for 2 years and all other holders being unlocked on day 1, RMRK is one of the most egalitarian token distributions to date.

Learn more about the token’s full list of utilities, market cap, and other details on RMRK’s dedicated token page.

As a reminder, the RMRK protocol is a system of NFT Legos which allows developers and designers to build composable, equippable, multi-resource NFTs which are multi-chain by default by virtue of being launched on Kusama, the center of a multi-chain universe. The NFTs can visually change based on others they own, but these ones are also eternally liquid and forward-compatible in that they can be made equippable by unrelated future projects that aren’t even planned yet.

About Company:

The RMRK Association is registered in Zug, Switzerland, and founded by Bruno Škvorc, ex Ethereum 2.0 developer and Web3 Foundation technical educator. The Association is the steward of the RMRK protocol: a system of “NFT legos”, the most advanced NFT protocol ever created.

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