FloruishingAI Aims to Make BNB Chain Crypto Trading Easier by Launching upLink

It goes without saying that we’ve seen plenty of protocols come to prominence, and one of them was undoubtedly the Binance Smart Chain. Later on, in its lifecycle, the Binance Smart Chain and the BNB Beacon Chain were united under one brand – the BNB Chain.

In any case, the BNB Chain is one of the most popular and commonly used networks, with hundreds of projects building on top of it.

We even saw it become the most popular network at the beginning of 2021 when the field of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) was primarily taking place over there for a certain period of time. This created a large userbase, and a lot of people continue using it with preference to others because of the high transaction speed and the low fees.

With this said, Flourishing AI is a protocol built on top of the BNB chain and has recently launched a much-anticipated service called upLink that’s designed to simplify the connection to DeFi world of the BNB Chain for users in the US and abroad.

The product onboards newcomers and experts easily, allowing them to move cash and fiat directly into BNB on the BNB Chain. With Flourishing’s AI-driven technology, upLink changes crypto trading while streamlining the process. This newest addition to the product suite of Flourishing AI saw the light of day in February this year.

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upLink Simplifies BNB Chain Trading

The process of onboarding to the DeFi world is a complex one for newcomers. From converting fiat into crypto and moving across multiple platforms to setting up a new wallet to going through KYC on each platform, it gets confusing and time-consuming. What’s more, bouncing across platforms is costly as users lose funds in the process due to various fees.

Even seasoned crypto traders are not safe from the herculean onboarding process. They could make a mistake in swapping the wrong tokens for BNB. Worse still, they could swap the wrong number of tokens or even send them to the wrong wallet where they can’t access it.

Identifying ways to improve the onboarding process for users in the United States and around the world has always been the priority of FlourishingAI and is what gave rise to the creation of upLink.

Flourishing’s upLink is the easiest way to convert fiat to BNB (and shortly other alternative tokens as well), allowing newcomers and experts alike to trade across multiple platforms with the AI-driven diversified portfolio manager.

The CEO of FlourishingAI, Eric Gonzalez, said that moving seamlessly across protocols and into BSC is fundamental to using Flourishing’s AI-driven portfolio management tools.

“While looking into ways to improve access to DeFi platforms, we found out that we can create standalone sub-products that will provide great value for the cryptocurrency market.”

Gonzalez emphasized the importance of improving access for users in the Binance ecosystem, adding that upLink will expand access to the Binance ecosystem for everyone. More importantly, it will offer massive value to the entire crypto market.

The news comes after FlourishingAI’s native utility token AI went live on PancakeSwap in September 2021. It can be traded on the exchange against other cryptocurrencies and forms a core part of FlourishingAI’s drive to sustainability and growth in 2022 and beyond.

FlourishingAI Still Waxing Strong Since Launch

Since launching last year, the AI-driven portfolio management and insights solution has hit major milestones that show it’s ready to improve crypto trading and portfolio management.

Since October, FlourishingAI has signed a number of partners to deploy its advanced artificial intelligence to the finance community.

FlourishingAI’s technology (FAIT) caters to the needs of crypto traders and investors with its smart AI and insights solutions. FAIT monitors over 6,800 markets simultaneously and parses through more than 2.5TB of data daily to gain a holistic view of market conditions to mitigate risks of trading losses.

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