From Vedas to Metaverse-Indian Education Revolution!

From Vedas to Metaverse-Indian Education Revolution!

  • India to completely incorporate Metaverse into its education.
  • Metaverse tableau opened up upon Republic Day 2022. 
  • IT giants of India too bulge into Metaverse.

Blockchain ecosystem has really come a long way. Giving spread to numerous attributes with different functions and features all taking over the world from their ends. With the onset of the Non Fungible Token (NFT), came up the completely new Web3.0, the Metaverse. 

Ever since the Metaverse came into existence, instantly everyone exactly visualized that this the future absolutely. In such terms, the year 2021 saw numerous Metaverse coming live into action. This mainly accounts for Metaverse games like Decentraland, the Sandbox and much more. With all this into account, India being the country with the most futuristic minds, sets to incorporate Metaverse completely into its education system. 

The Vedas to Metaverse Transition

True to the fact that Indians are widely spread all over the world, with major IT firms and tech giants all having their CEO’s as Indians. The fact cannot be denied that all this is because of the country’s noble education system. Indians primary importance is obviously education, and with this aspect, the country plans to completely incorporate the best education which will be set for the future. 

Accordingly, upon the Republic Day 2022 of India, on January 22, a complete tableau representation was opened up upon the parades. The Republic Day parade took place in Rajpath, New Delhi, the capital of India. On the parade, the Ministry of Education opened up their tableau presentation which caught up all attention and created a significant stir among the Metaverse maniacs. 

The Ministry of Education of India, opened up the tableau inorder to represent the National Education Policy (NEP). This NEP was previously approved by the Center in 2020. In such terms, this is the first time for the past 30 years a new education policy is getting approved. This includes a complete change in India’s education, from primary to post graduate. 

The tableau goes by the tagline ‘Vedas to Metaverse’, obviously representing the same. The tableau consisted of 3D images of children with Virtual Reality (VR) headsets surrounded by many of India’s famous scientists. 

India to Become Metaverse Hub

One of the major highlights of India, is its Information Technology (IT) sector industry. Accordingly, India is a major hub for almost all IT companies in the world. With due respect to the emerging future, the Metaverse, almost all IT companies of India are right now on their own tracks towards, into and investing on their Metaverse ambitions. 

Most have already started their projects on the adverse sectors of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Web3.0 and the Metaverse. The major tech giants like, HCL, Infosys, TCS and many more are currently in a race with each other. 

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