FTX Supporting NFTs On Solana: Why Is This A Hot Topic?

FTX Supporting NFTs On Solana: Why Is This A Hot Topic?

Well-known crypto exchange FTX announced plans to support some of Solana’s non-fungible tokens through a cryptic tweet. The crypto exchange is one of the most popular centralized trading platforms in the community, showing the growing dominance of NFTs. The platform, which focuses on derivatives and other similar products, has been existing since 2018.

FTX will support some Solana projects, such as Degen Ape academy, Thugbirdz, Solana Monkey Business, Aurora, and a host of others on its cross-chain NFT marketplace. In September, the platform’s CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried, announced FTX’s NFT platform launch, also embedded in FTX.US. The businessman shared this information via Twitter while encouraging interested users to make their own NFTs.

The Growing NFT Economy

Since the start of the year, there has been a lot of new projects surrounding non-fungible tokens. Numerous artists, celebrities, and other known personalities have sold digital collectibles, raising awareness within and outside the digital asset community. The marketplace assured that it would allow minting, buying, and selling of the tokens. Similarly, it asserted that users could take NFTs across the Ethereum and Solana blockchains.

FTX will select non-fungible tokens according to their volume and market capitalization. FTX’s CEO also tweeted that withdrawals and deposits of NFTs will be available for users in the coming weeks. He hinted that users worldwide could use the NFT platform. Bankman-Fried assured that FTX.US would soon support Bored Ape Yacht Club—which is a known NFT. Users may also have access to OpenSea’s digital collectibles through the digital asset platform.

In other news, the Solana ecosystem has similarly been attracting more investors, especially after the Degen Ape Academy’s release. Despite its recent fall from over $200, the coin has managed to stay above $151—a feat it achieved when FTX announced the support for some Solana NFTs.

Why Is This A Game Changer?

Many crypto enthusiasts anticipate more projects centered around non-fungible tokens. NFTs are digital assets, which are usually running on the Ethereum blockchain. While NFTs can be music, artworks, or even tweets, most people are interested in art—leading to an explosion of numerous paintings, drawings, and the likes. FTX‘s latest move shows that other crypto providers are willing to join the digital collectibles industry. So, here are some reasons why the trading giants support for NFTs is a big game-changer:

Pushing growth for NFTs

The creative industry has been booming with the sudden demand for digital collectibles. Some years ago, people focused on fungible tokes such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, there is a shift from the norm as individuals now buy unique and artistic works, encouraging larger volumes for marketplaces. With the new demand, many NFT marketplaces create easy-to-use interfaces for users to mint and sell NFTs. As a result, the digital economy is a more complex and attractive medium for wealth generation.

Cross-chain technology

According to FTX, it will support some Solana tokens on its cross-chain marketplace. Cross-chain technology is a fast-growing tech in the crypto community. Presently, most blockchain networks are in isolation; they work independently. Since these networks have unique protocols, it isn’t easy to bridge them. But with this new marketplace, NFT enthusiasts can enjoy blockchain interoperability.

Without interoperability between protocols, networks work within a limited framework. For example, Bitcoin holders cannot purchase NFTs (on the Ethereum blockchain) with BTC. To buy NFTs, they would have to transact using an exchange to make the process straightforward. This emerging technology will revolutionize the cryptocurrency community by allowing protocols to work together.

In conclusion, FTX’s recent move could revolutionize the digital asset economy. Not only for NFTs but also for the growth of cross-chain technology, making blockchain tech more flexible and receptive. The digital asset economy will also record greater wealth generation for NFT creation, primarily because of growing demand.

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