Gemini crypto exchange increasing its workforce

Gemini crypto exchange increasing its workforce
Gemini crypto exchange increasing its workforce 4

Gemini crypto exchange is hiring new employees amid increasing growth and demand of crypto exchange at their exchange. 

In the present time crypto adoption is at tremendous level and every month new volume of users growth can be seen in this industry, but this increasing volume of the users at crypto exchanges is becoming a problem to handle problems & issues of their customers. Gemini exchange became the latest one to take care about such things. 

According to a Forbes report, Gemini crypto exchanges see huge demand for crypto users at their exchange. So because of the increasing volume of the crypto users & their demand, Gemini exchange is looking to increase its workforce with 200 new hiring with the company’s director of talent Jonathon Tamblyn.

Tamblyn said that the new hiring of the crypto exchange is not based on the previous Crypto space experience, new hiring is based upon the increasing the demand & growth of the blockchain industry, which has grown more than two times over the past year. 

Gemini  is a very old crypto exchange of the crypto space. This exchange was launched by two co-founder of Facebook. These two people are Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. These two people launched Gemini in 2014. 

Gemini exchange have their own genuine records. It was the first ever crypto exchange which was acquiring a license to sell Ethereum in 2018. And in 2019, this exchange got a license to sell zcash. 

The main aim of the Gemini exchange is to make the adoption more favourable toward the global users.

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