Gene Simmons Now Has $700K Cardano (ADA)

Gene Simmons Now Has $700K Cardano (ADA)
Gene Simmons Now Has $700K Cardano (ADA)

  • Gene Simmons bought Cradano (ADA) at low in the beginning of the year.
  • Now the value of Gene Simmons ADA is about $700K.
  • He also possesses a number of other cryptos evidently. 

The American rock star who ruled the 1970s can never be forgotten. Despite the age of 72, he still maintains to be active too. In such aspects the rockstar who also goes by the name ‘The Demon’ is abruptly an avid crypto investor and enthusiast. 

Accordingly, he has made a number of investments over the years and now most of all his crypto investments are ripe with profits. 

Besides, he bought Cardano (ADA) at the beginning of the year 2021 around February and now it’s value has more than doubled up.

Gene Simmons ADA Investment

In spite of being old news of Gene Simmons buying ADA for $300K in the month of February, now it’s hot as the value of his ADA has reached $700K. Moreover, the investment he has put in has more than doubled till date.  

According to a recent interview by him a couple of days ago, the rockstar terms that ADA is just one of the 14 crypto assets he owns. Moreover, at the time he bought ADA, he took to twitter, tweeting ADA is the one crypto he truly believes in. 

Also, upon the interview he abrupt utters that the name ‘Cardano’ actually is idiotic and he just prefers it being called as ‘ADA’. 

Gene Simmons Other Crypto Assets

Furthermore, Gene Simmon reveals that he has a total of 14 crypto asset investments, upon which ADA is one. Accordingly, he says he has invested both in Bitcoin (BTC) and on Ethereum (ETH).

Besides, buying BTC at around the price of just $10K, now it values to $57K, which he trades profusely, he acknowledges. Also, he comments that all his crypto assets have done well throughout time.

On the other hand, he revealed that BTC and ETH compromise major proportions of his total crypto assets investments. In addition, he proclaims that he has sold Dogecoin (DOGE) upon Elons radical tweets earlier this year.

Moreover, he advises that before investing in cryptos, one should do the research completely themselves. Otherwise it’s worthless, he terms.

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