GoldFinX (GIX) Skyrockets 1674% In A Day After New Partnerships

GoldFinX (GIX) Skyrockets 1674% In A Day After New Partnerships
GoldFinX (GIX) Skyrockets 1674% In A Day After New Partnerships

  • GoldFinX (GIX) has skyrocketed to 1674% within a day.
  • The platform uses the concept of Contract mining.
  • The new partner of GoldFinX is Sanctum Global Ventures.

Expanding the network with new partnerships is playing a vital role in the crypto market. Users are attracted to the updates when it regards to new partnerships with reputed or well-known entities. This has become a routine in the market that when a company expands its network, then the value of its native token would boom.

Even when the mainstream cryptocurrencies are struggling to crack their heavy resistance level some altcoins outperform. Investors are showing interest in the crypto updates when each ecosystem releases an announcement. Crypto investors jump towards the token when a new update is announced from its network.

GoldFinX (GIX) is a FinTech 2.0 company that provides financing to Artisanal Small Gold Mines (ASGM) around the world in exchange for a percentage of their output. It utilizes the concept of Contract mining, which identifies the financial resources needed for optimal and viable mining operations.

Current Market Status

At the time of writing, the trading price of GoldFinX (GIX) is $21.30 with a trading volume of $867,609 in the last 24-hours. According to Coinmarketcap, the price value of GIX has surged to 1674% within the past 24-hours and it holds 2987th rank.

Trading Chart of GIX

The chart depicts the bullish pattern for the past 24 hours. Significantly, the 7-day statistics display that the price of GIX has soared to 2044%. If this trend continues, then the price value of GIX might crack its all-time high.

New Partnerships

The latest partner for GoldFinX is Sanctum Global Ventures. Sanctum Pte Ltd primarily advises Ultra-High-Net-Worth families in Asia and the Middle East on innovative technology investments and cryptocurrency transformation. The CEO of this firm invests in GoldFinX as it brings a wave of institutional investments along with them.

However, the users of GIX had their sweet spot for the past week. Investors expect this bullish trend to continue, if it continues GIX may reach a new ATH. With the on-going developments and new partnership discussions in the network will lead to more highs in near future.

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