Grayscale adds Solana, Uniswap to its portfolio

Grayscale adds Solana, Uniswap to its portfolio
Grayscale adds Solana, Uniswap to its portfolio 2

Fund manager firm, Grayscale, added Solana & Uniswap to its digital products. Firm claimed that they are adding layer-1 protocols, gaming, and metaverse based products.

Grayscale is a large fund manager firm and it is popularly known for its digital assets based products for their clients. Grayscale fir is also known for the better analysis of the products that can give better results for their clients, so they always keep better analysis and investigation about the best assets which are better for the growth. 

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In a recent interview with the blockworks, the Grayscale’s head of legal, Craig Salm, talked about their future plans for the other best crypto assets. For now they picked Uniswap token & Solana coin. Salm said that they will withdraw funds from other assets and will put in Uniswap and solana.

“We will sell the existing fund components in proportion to their weightings and then (put in) Solana and Uniswap…The fund is really a great way for our investors who don’t want to make a targeted bet on bitcoin, Ethereum or another digital asset; they just really want broad market exposure.”

As per Salm statement, Grayscale firm have made investments around 3% in Solana & 1% in Uniswap.

Salm also added that Grayscale is looking over the other factors to increase the price of Solana.

It is worth to note that Solana is now the most attractive crypto asset for many Institutional funds Investors like VanEck, Multicoin & now Grayscale. 

In the recent crash of the crypto market because of renewed China crypto ban notification, many Institutional investors grabbed Solana coin in dip.

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