Gummo-the Hacker Owns $7B BTC!

  • Former illegal hacker owns BTCs worth $7 Billion.
  • The hacker known as Gummo currently has more than 179,000 BTC.
  • The majority of this is through 4 supercomputers he developed for personal BTC mining. 

It’s indeed, quite rare to find someone bad turning into a person doing good things and changing over completely. Usually, this stuff, tend to happen only in the movies, but yet, now once an illegal and illicit hacker, has turned to the good side, doing good deeds as much as he could for the betterment of the common people. 

This hacker goes by the name, Gummo. Though his real name is kept anonymous by himself, the hacker now uses his skills to prevent all sorts of illegal and illicit cyber crimes as much as possible. 

Apart from all this, the news which is spreading hot, is that Gummo owns more than 179,000 Bitcoin (BTC). This approximates about a whopping $7 Billion!

Gummo and His BTC

According to his Twitter page the Robinhood hacker, hailing from Jacksonville, Florida put out a recent interview for the YouTube channel -Soft White Underbelly. Upon the interview, Gummo stated that indeed he’s rich and wealthy very much. In spite of this, he revealed all his BTC possessions, which currently amount to about 179,000 BTC. 

This alone values $7 Billion approximately. Furthermore, when questioned regarding how he accumulated so much BTC, Gummo terms that during the year 2012 to 2013, he built his very own supercomputers, about 4 numbers. These supercomputers were built extensively for BTC mining.  

In spite of this, within just less than about 2 years, Gummo mined about 80,000 BTC. And so, to date, he terms to have about 179,000 BTC. If this is indeed true, then Gummo is the 369th richest man in the world, according to Forbes. 

Furthermore, Gummo terms that he has no need to work, but he continues his work on a good path by preventing as much as hacks, illegal cybercrimes, and much more.

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