Has North Korean-Based Hacking Group Found a New Victim?

Has North Korean-Based Hacking Group Found a New Victim?
Has North Korean-Based Hacking Group Found a New Victim?

  • Scammers attempted to attack DeBridge Finance, thought to be Lazarus Group.
  • Recently, the Lazarus Group attacked Axie Infinity’s Ronin Bridge, wor.th $622M.

According to the latest tweet thread from Alex Smirnov, the co-founder of Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol, DeBridge Finance, his firm had been the victim of an attempted cyberattack, probably from the North Korean-based Lazarus hacking Group. The firm recently received the threat through email.

As per Smirnov, many employees in DeBridge got emails from the attackers with PDF attachments labeled ‘New Salary Adjustments’. He added that, as a result of opening and downloading the PDF file, the computers were harmed and infected by a data-collecting virus. The company started an investigation to find the source of the attack. 

Alex Smirnov stated:

We have strict internal security policies and continuously work on improving them as well as educating the team about possible attack vectors.

Multiple Attacks From North Korean Hackers

Smirnov furtherly warned all Web3 teams to be aware of such cyber attacks and advised his followers to never open email attachments without verifying the sender’s details.  

The North Korean hacking group largely attacked crypto-based firms worldwide. Recently, the group attacked Axie Infinity’s Ronin Bridge, worth $622 million, and the Harmony Horizon Bridge hack in June. Moreover, the founder of Web3 and crypto-based platform, DeFiance Capital pointed out that the Lazarus Group is only one of the hacking groups based in North Korea. These groups are now focusing on the cryptocurrency sector and all the crypto firms are now at high risk.

Apart from cryptocurrencies, the North Korean hackers are focusing on other sectors also. Recently, the U.S Justice Department recovered $500,000 from the hackers who had forced two American hospitals to send ransom money in Bitcoin (BTC).

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