HolyTransaction Crypto Exchange Integrates Lightning Network On Its Online Wallet

HolyTransaction, a universal digital wallet with crypto-to-crypto exchange capabilities for over 40 assets, has announced the integration of the Bitcoin lightning network. Consequently, Holytransaction users can expect to enjoy fast and seamless transactions that are affordable to all traders.

With an office in Luxembourg, the platform has been in existence since early 2014, when it was founded. In a highly competitive market, Holytransaction markets itself as a one-stop trading platform for both novices and experienced crypto traders.

Moreover, the firm takes pride in the Lighting network that allows Bitcoin transactions to be processed in a few seconds. Combined with other features, Holytransaction anticipates attracting more customers in the coming months as crypto adoption grows immensely around the world.

Currently, the Holytransaction crypto trading platform and wallet app is only available on the Android operating system. 

“HolyTransaction can be described as ‘your complete crypto-exchange marketplace’ and is also available as an Android app. The layout was designed to be user-friendly so the interface is clean and straightforward,” the firm noted in a press release.

The firm supports the top 40 digital assets that are most popular in the crypto market including Bitcoin, Ethereum among others

There are many benefits of using the Holytransaction crypto app for traders. Besides being a simple and easy-to-use application, it is secure and backed by serious developers.

“The sign-up process is easy and within minutes, users can be the owners of cryptocurrencies in their integrated wallet. With the wallet, the modern cryptocurrency investor can exchange rapidly for trading, store their savings, and even use the staking service for passive income,” the firm added.

Notably, Holytransaction also provides a well and up-to-date API for developers seeking to fetch reliable data for their websites. In a bid to stay on top of its game Holytransaction also provides its customers with the feature to deposit different types of fiat currencies.

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