How institutions perceive crypto: A Cryptonites evening with James Bowater

James Bowater founded CryptoAM as a section within the respected online CityA.M. publication dedicated to crypto and blockchain industry news. 

A  highly active community member, James organizes online and in-person networking events and industry conferences, including the DeFi & Digital Inclusion Summit and multiple industry awards events across Europe and the Middle East. 

As an advisor to World Mobile, Boson Protocol, and Sheesha Finance, James brings a breadth of experience to the Cudos advisory team, as he begins to champion the Cudos brand and help the team connect with other projects and leaders within his extensive network. 

Today, Bowater sat down with Alex Fazel, the host of crypto edutainment channel Cryptonites, to discuss all things Bitcoin, crypto, DeFi, and his start in the space. Here are some excerpts from the episode!

Bitcoin vs. blockchain

“The two are separate. In the sense, because I think that the concept of being able to translate a significant new financial ecosystem into the traditional finance world, obviously had appeal.”

“And one of the fears of the annoying things about the whole demise of 2017 was the appalling advice that a lot of these young kids were 24-year-olds with amazing ideas and tens of millions of pounds. And not one of the overpaid traditional sort of lawyer, accountant advisors who are just, you know, putting an extra zero at the end of their bill ever came up with the concept of you need to probably be sensible about”

The pandemic on CityAM’s work

The pandemic itself actually has been transformational because it forced CityAM completely online. You know the empty city and the empty Canary Wharf, there’s no one to distribute the paper to going online has been a massive learning curve. But actually, for me, selfishly, crypto has always, always should have been online first with a bit of newspaper activity.”

“We’ve tried different things. We experimented with different things informative, I mean, education is the key, transforming the message, you know, translating what, you know, your brother tries to do and what I try to do and other people try to do to the traditional finance markets is an important thing because obviously, one of the big elements for all of us it was institutional adoption, which I think has absolutely has absolutely arrived.”

Why Bitcoin gets talked about most

“I think that everyone knows about Bitcoin [and] crypto. So Bitcoin is obviously the one that gets talked about the most, for obvious reasons, as well as the projects that have survived. And actually, if you think about when we met, Swissborg was nothing and now you’re a unicorn. and Stanny from AAVE was knocking around and [the protocol is] now worth 21 billion.”

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