Identity Blockchain Platform Welups’ Great Milestones Achieved So Far

Welups is an identity blockchain platform that enables all digital citizens to connect through a suite of applications supporting on-chain transactions and applications. It traced its origins to Dubai and a platform that differs from other blockchain platforms as it is built on the Welups ecosystem.

Now let us see a quick recap of the great achievement of Welups Blockchain.

2021 – Welups’ Milestones Achieved So Far

Welups coin was launched in March 2021 with its own network and ecosystem. The price of the coin was only $0.0005 per token last Mar – June 15, 2021 at its internal sale. Currently, the Welups price is trading at $0.001121 with a 24-hour trading volume of $964,682, at the time of writing.

On May 23, 2021, Welups invited crypto enthusiasts from different social media platforms like facebook, youtube, zoom meeting to know more about Welups and offer 1,000 WELUPS for each participant.

June 2021 – A Quick Recap on Welups

Welups is currently a center of discussion in the investment world because of its potential – which has been proven as Welup’s value went doubled after its first IEO on June 15th.

In June 2021, Welups team organized many training sessions on Dr. NEE, Welups social media, etc. these sessions are to educate people more about Welups. On June 5, 2021, the Welups team organized an AMA live stream in which Mr.Hero Vu – CEO of OMANEE was the speaker. This livestream AMA is mainly for more understanding about our project and plan in the future.

After IEO the price of Welups reached $0.001. On June 15, Welups conducted an event on ‘Guess Well – Get Welups’ rewarding 20, 000 Welups to the first 10 people with correct results. The Welups team also conducted the ‘Dubai – Yacht – Welups $1 Club’ campaign, at Flamingo beach, sponsored by Omanee Corporation. Thereby, inviting people to join us to spread the faith of “WELUPS to the moon” a reality.

The team also organized many live AMAs on general topics: ‘Digital Currency Digital payment – Contactless payment’ on June 24, and  ‘A quick understanding about crypto blockchain’ on June 26.

July 2021 – A Quick Recap on Welups

Welups testnet officially went live on July 1, 2022, indicating this as the stepping stone to mainnet launch in 2022 and bring WELUPS to the moon. On the same day, Welups team organized a live stream with Host Ms. Sam and Speakers Mr. Ravi Arora, and Mr. Rodney Munene on topic ‘The potential of Cryptocurrency’.

In July 2021, the Welups team conducted many AMA live streams every Thursday with different speakers and a zoom meeting training session every Saturday.

July 8 – Let’s talk about E-Wallet; July 14 – About Crypto Tourism

(Speakers – Mr. Ravi Arora, Mr. Kumbi Portia)

July 22 – Coffee With Crypto; July 29 – NFT & Digital Art

(Speakers – Mr. Ravi Arora, Ms. Irina)

Zoom meeting on every Saturday:

July 10 – Learn About E-Wallet

July 17 – Crypto Tourism

July 24 – Coffee With Crypto

July 31 – NFT & Digital Art

The Host for all the July 2021 AMA live streams was Ms. Sam. She is also the Host for all the AMA Live Streams occurred in 2021.

August 2021 – A Quick Recap on Welups

In August 2021, the Welups team conducted many AMA live streams every Wednesday with different speakers. In addition, the team conducted a zoom meeting training session every week on the same topic.

Welups team also offered 500 WELUPS as a reward for lucky users.

August 4 – Blockchain Ecosystem

(Speakers – Ms. Irina, Ms. Kumbi, and Mr. Ravi)  

August 11 – Bitcoin Vs Dogecoin Vs Welups

(Speakers – Mr. Ravi, Ms. Kumbi, and Mr. Rodney)

August 18 – Crypto-Banking

(Speakers – Mr. Rodney, Mr. MJ Nieves, and Mr. Ravi)

August 25 – Crypto Wallet

(Speakers – Ms. Miracle, Mr. MJ Nieves, and Mr. Ravi)

September 2021 – A Quick Recap on Welups

In September, the Welups team organized an AMA Live Stream event on its Facebook fan page every Wednesday with different Speakers each week. Through this Live Stream, users are aware of crypto-related topics.

September 1 – Crypto Volatility

(Speakers – Mr. Rodney, Ms. Kumbi and Mr. Ravi)

September 8 – Earn Free Crypto

(Speakers – Mr. Mj Nieves, Ms. Miracle and Mr. Ravi)

September 15 – Introducing IEO

(Speakers – Mr. Mj Nieves, Mr. Rodney, and Mr. Ravi)

To meet investor expectations and make the community better understand the Welup ecosystem’s projects, the team hosted a Livestream on September 17. In order to introduce the technology, the exchange listing plan for WELUPS, Airdrop programs, as well as the development plan of the ecosystem in the near future.

In the form of livestream on Dr.NEE fanpage and ecosystem’s projects, it is not only a simple sharing session but also an impressive transmission of useful knowledge about technology from 2 senior leaders of Omanee.

  • Mr.Brian Tran – Omanee CMO
  • Mr.Jake Nguyen – Omanee CTO

The team also offered an airdrop of 50,000 WELUPS to the audience.

September 22 – Blockchain Security

(Speakers – Ms.Kumbi , Ms. Miracle , and Mr. Ravi)


(Speakers – Ms. Miracle, Mr. Rodney and Mr. Ravi)

October 2021 – A Quick Recap on Welups

Oct 1 – Learning About IDSHARE Ecosystem

(Speakers – Mr.Phong Nguyen – Omanee Growth Manager, NEETEK Team)

October 10 – Introduction To IDBank Ecosystem

Meet with senior leaders from Omanee Corp.

(Speakers – Mr. Wind Nguyen – Omanee Growth Manager, Ms. Moon – Omanee Project Manager)

On October 15, the WELUPS price reached $0.0018. Moreover, the WELUPS has continuously increased in price since Presale with a price of only $0.0005 and through 5 times IEO WEL price is now at $0.0018 which is 3.6 times increase in just 4 months – A desirable number for all new cryptocurrency

October 17-20 – Future Blockchain Summit 2021

This summit is considered as one of the largest Blockchain summits on the planet. Mr. Jake Nguyen was one of the panelists on a talk about The Potentials (and Perils) of Decentralized finance.

Notably, OMANEE is a co-sponsor of the event and had a 45-minute presentation to the entire conference. OMANEE’s CTO, Mr. Jake Nguyen introduced the vision, potential and direction of Welups Blockchain and demonstrated applications built on the Welups Block platform such as the Dr.NEE identity social network application, the NFT Moongle ecosystem. The entire presentation went Live on Wells Fanpage and all OMANEE media channels

November 2021 – A Quick Recap on Welups

November 14 – Welcoin sale

Guests  – Ms. Kumbirai, Ms. Sam

Users joined and availed the exclusive bonus of Welups during live sale.

November 16 – The most secure and secure Identity Blockchain Platform today. WELUPS has continuously increased in price since pre-sale with a price of only $0.0005 and through 5 times IEO WELUPS price reached $0.0022 which is 4.4 times increase in just 5 months.




December 2021 – A Quick Recap on Welups

December 1 – STAKING WEL

Welups Blockchain has implemented a form of Stacking directly on Explorer for WELUPS coin with many benefits:

  • Have the Right to Vote to choose the Super Representative
  • Receive WEL bonus if Super Representative is selected
  • Get more bandwidth and Energy: Bandwidth helps to speed up transactions and Energy to use other rights on Welups Blockchain

Staking WEL is a freezing amount of WELUPS for a fixed time and when the freezing time expires, users will receive an additional amount of WELUPS, just like users save their money in a bank.


Guest: Harry Pham – OMANEE CPO


Live on Dr. NEE

December 15 – Livestream: How to stake and get more welups


OUTSIDE THE BLOCK is an event hosted by the Omanee Corporation. The event brought opportunity for all participants to gain insights from different industries within the broad field of FinTech and Blockchain, to hear from and interact with leaders in their respective fields, to recognize the unity of Finance and Technology, and finally, to appreciate the disruptive application of Blockchain in many aspects of our new world.

December 27 – Livestream of LATOKEN exchange to introduce WELUPS

Guest: Mr. Jake Nguyen – OMANEE CTO

2022 – Welups’ Milestones Achieved So Far

January 2022 – A Quick Recap on Welups

On January 3, 2022, WELUPS signed a cooperation agreement with the HOO exchange. is the 4th crypto exchange that WELUPS got listed on in the very early of Jan 2022.


Welups has an AMA with before WELUPS is listed on this exchange.

Guest: Mr. Jake Nguyen – CTO Omanee


Guest: Mr. Jake Nguyen, Mr. Harry Pham

Moderator: Dr. Yen Nguyen

January 10 – WELUPS listed on LBank

January 14 – WELUPS featured on Coingecko and CoinCarp

January 21 – WELUPS listed on XT.COM

January 26 – WELUPS listed on Hoo

January 28 – WELUPS listed on Latoken

January 22 – How could identity Blockchain shape a new future?

Guest: Mr. Mark Nguyen

In addition to the AMA, the subscription for WELUPS coin sale HOO Lab opened.

January 27 – The Brank New Future of NFT in 2022

Guest: Mr. Navonil, Mr. Abhinav

January 23 – Welups signed a cooperation agreement with DigiFinex exchange

January 25 – Hoo live Telegram AMA

Guest: Mr. Ravi Arora

January 27 – The Brand new future of NFT in 2022

Guest: Mr. Navonil, Mr. Abhinav

Host: Ms. Sonny Mohanty

January 28 – DigiFine AMA with Welups

Live Topic: How did WELUPS utilize their chain to build their unique ID-verified ecosystem”

Furthermore, Welups has released articles over 100+ different media. The main aim behind the release is to make people know more about Welups Blockchain.

January 24 Yahoo

Published Link:

January 25 Bloomberg News

Published Link:

January 26CoinTelegraph

Published Link:

January 27  UToday

Published Link:

January 28AMBCrypto

Published Link:

February 2022 – A Quick Recap on Welups

Welups has released articles in different media.

February 1Entrepreneur

Published Link:

February 2

Published Link:

February 3 BTCManager

Published Link:

February 4  TechBullion

Published Link:

February 5  CoinGape

Published Link:

February 7 ZyCrypto

Published Link:

February 7 TheNewsCrypto

Published Link:

February  5

OTB-AMA live stream

Host: Ms. Sonny Mohanty (Crypto Expert & Advisor)

Speaker: Mr. Ihor Kubalskyi (NFT Marketplace)

February 12

OTB-AMA live stream

Host: Ms. Hemilly Rodrigues (Crypto Influencer)

Speaker: Mr. Mac Ocampo – CMO (LYOPAY)

February 9 – Live AMA on IndoEX.

Guest: Mr. Jake Nguyen

February 11 – Moonex was launched officially

February  9 – WELUPS listed on DigiFinex

February 12 –  WELUPS listed on IndoEX

February 16 – WELUPS listed on Hoo

February 21 – WELUPS listed on Latoken

Furthermore, Welups team has great future plans to take this project to the next level. With the upcoming exchange listing, partnership, developments, article release, OTB-AMA, and many more happening within the platform, the WELUPS price will reach new heights soon.

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