Indian home minister blames crypto for growth in anti-social activities

  • Amit shah stated that the amount of drug smuggling cases has increased by 152% between 2006-2022.
  • According to ANI, more than 13 tons of drugs were seized in the presence of the Shah.

Amit Shah, the union home minister of India, alleged that the volume of drugs being smuggled through cryptocurrency and the dark web has increased and that this has contributed to terrorism. In Gujarat’s capital, Gandhi Nagar, on October 26, he spoke at a high-level regional meeting on drug trafficking and national security.

Amith Shah on Drugs and Cryptocurrency

He also stated that the drugs have made the youth suffer more and nd on the other, illegal profits from the drug trade feed terrorism. And he also stated that to save the youth all the Central and state agencies have to fight this as a common battle and have to win.

And more than 13 tons of drugs have been seized valued at $76 million were destroyed in the presence of the minister as per the report from ANI 

According to Shah, the amount of reported drug smuggling cases increased by 152% between 2006–2013 and 2014–2022, from 1,257 to 3,172, and the number of drugs seized increased by a comparable percentage.

Shah said that a drug addict is a victim rather than a criminal. He emphasized the need to attack both the drug’s source and its destination by using top-to-bottom and bottom-to-top strategies, to dismantle the entire drug network.

Top to Bottom और Bottom to Top की अप्रोच को अपनाते हुए ड्रग्स के सोर्स और डेस्टिनेशन, दोनों पर प्रहार कर इसके पूरे नेटवर्क को ध्वस्त करने की दिशा में NCB काम कर रही है।

देशभर की सभी एजेंसियों को ड्रग्स के खिलाफ इस लड़ाई में इसी अप्रोच के साथ आगे बढ़ना चाहिए।

— Amit Shah (@AmitShah) October 26, 2022

The Home Minister also highlighted the importance of strictly enforcing the NDPS Act’s various provisions. He stressed the necessity of considering the formation of fast-track courts to ensure speedy trials. Several rides and inspections of cryptocurrency exchanges have been conducted by the authorities in recent weeks.

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