Infinity8 Aims in Dominating the NFT Marketspace

  • Infinity8 NFT marketplace aspires to dominate the NFT market.
  • Two current NFT projects are said to be core of Inifnity8.
  • Currently the largest marketplace for Real estate based tokens.

The Infinity8 Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace has been around for a quite considerable time. In spite of this it diverges itself into specific projects and also specializes in real estate assets tokenizations. More than just connecting the real world to digital assets and collectible tokens, Infinity8 also precedes many welfare and charity based services too. 

Also, the Inifnity8 is solely based upon the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, ERC-1155.

In spite of all this, taking the NFT projects, Infinity8 currently holds two big projects aimed to excel along with the growth of the NFT platform.

Peek into the Infinity8

The 27th Cannes Film festival saw the birth of a new NFT marketplace, the Inifinity8 at its AmfAR gala. Upon the event, the crypto investor and profuse businessman Javed Fiyaz and the most renowned artist at present Sacha Jafri came together in founding the Inifnity8 and launched it at the event. 

With a profuse investor taking care of the investments and top notch art works as the products the project was an instantaneous hit making sales of worth $950K in just a few minutes. 

In spite of all this, now the NFT marketplace platform Inifnity8 is also one of the nominees for the Best NFT marketplace award for the year 2021.  Moreover, recently Inifnity8 has now brought in artist Simon Mcnally on board too. 

Happy Hippos and Crypto Angels

In spite of all its previous works, now the Infinity8 platform holds two big NFT projects, the Happy Hippos and the Crypto Angels. 

Accordingly, the Happy Hippos project is said to consist of 8888 unique Hippo images all generated through AI. All these NFTs are AI generated images which are subdivided into 4 groups.

 These are the Special happy Hippos, the Blue Hippos, the Grey Hippos and the Grey Hippos. Also, the prices of these NFTs range from $200 to $1000 profusely. Moreover, most of the sales from these NFT series are said to go towards the wildlife protection and aids of Hippos.

On the other hand, the other project Crypto Angels, will consist of 100 unique angel artworks by artist Sacha Jafri himself. The sale proceeds of each Crypto Angel will be given to different charity firms. 

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