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  • Intel GPUs attracting bitcoin miners
  • GPUs would not include any hardware and software lockouts to prevent crypto mining
  • Current GPUs will not include any hardware and software to prevent crypto mining

Intel’s upcoming Arc GPUs aren’t appealing to gamers; they’re also appealing to bitcoin enthusiasts. It hasn’t been easy to find a GPU for a customized PC building this year. A combination of variables including pandemic-induced supply chain bottlenecks and thriving secondhand markets. More people playing at home and the attraction of mining bitcoin has rendered the graphics card environment barren for the near future.

Then, Intel declared that it would enter the GPU market to challenge the current Nvidia/AMD duopoly. It welcomed the news. In an interview with Gadget360 in the week, Roger Chandler, Intel’s VP and General Manager of Client Graphics Products. And Solutions stated that the team’s current GPUs would not include any hardware and software lockouts to prevent crypto mining.

This is a difficult question to address. But I will say that we are building Intel Arc and the Alchemist group of products with gamers and creators in mind. In terms of software lockouts and the like. We’re not developing or creating any features that explicitly target mining at this time. In terms of the steps we’re doing to avoid or keep them out, it’s a commodity that will be available for purchase. It isn’t a top priority for us.

Companies are struggling to find a balance with an increasingly uncertain client base. Previously, purchasing a GPU indicated that it would utilize it for a gaming setup. However, the ebbs and flows of cryptocurrencies have resulted in an explosion of individuals attempting to get directly to the source & mine Ethereum for themself. Organizations end up alienating potential consumers by imposing limitations on this specific application.

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