Interview with Data Track Unicorn Footprint Analytics: Empowering on-chain data to remove information barriers

Interview with Data Track Unicorn Footprint Analytics: Empowering on-chain data to remove information barriers
Interview with Data Track Unicorn Footprint Analytics: Empowering on-chain data to remove information barriers

Footprint Analytics recently did an AMA to answer various questions from the community. Importantly, Footprint Analytics is a data track unicorn platform that empowers on-chain data to remove information barriers. The platform was developed by a group of serial internet entrepreneurs who started working on blockchain in 2017.

As 2021 unfolded, the team started with a DeFi app. However, they soon lost funds and missed on investment opportunities due to a lack of proper data tracking tools. The team began using the data analysis platforms Nansen and Dune, but these too did not fully satisfy their needs – leading to the birth of Footprint Analytics.

Launched this August, the platform offers a variety of data that users can explore including TVL, revenue, and market cap, transaction data such as volume, gas fees, and slippage, and pool/pair data such as interest, revenue, fees, and APY, among many more.

Footprint Analysis solves “comprehensiveness” and “accuracy” issues of blockchain data analyzed from different platforms. The platform also provides wallet analysis which supports data parsing, integration, and application.

Notably, Footprint’s data is generated through on-chain data parsing, including open-source data plus parsing to accelerate data aggregation. This is done through models developed to automatically generate basic metrics which are then used to generate derived metrics.

Footprint Analytics is more superior to Nansen and Dune mainly because of its focus on user-friendliness. Moreover, the platform has plans to develop from a data portal to a data analysis community with decentralized, user-defined tools.

In all this, the platform aims to enable people to get better returns on their crypto and blockchain investments. Footprint’s low barrier of entry has attracted hundreds of users who have created thousands of dashboards in the last month alone.

Additional Footprint features include customizable reports, forkable reports, cross-chain multi-platform data support, and drill-down analysis tools supporting multi-dimensional analysis. In addition, pre-built templates and future community-developed projects ease blockchain analytics for everyone.

Other future plans are venturing into NFT projects, with a possible launch of the same in October. Footprint Analytics is applying for side grants to support the same. Footprint is also closely monitoring the GameFi space to find the best opportunities to leverage it.

As for DeFi, NFTs, and centralized exchanges (CEXs), Footprint is of the opinion that “symbiosis” between them is better than “replacement.” DeFi also has a long way to go before becoming as convenient to users as CEXs.

More in Footprint’s future roadmap includes metrics provision using real-time data from Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The platform will also provide Pool analytics. Moreover, Footprint will pull data from the Solana and Polygon chains.

When it comes to the future of blockchain data analytics, Footprint believes that data analytics platforms will have a strong place in the future as more people join crypto and DeFi. Additionally, more developments are required in the field to connect the community with foundational data and data applications. Finally, analytics tools need to be built around problem-solving scenarios, regardless of whether they are centralized or decentralized tools.

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