Iran resumes Bitcoin mining operations after 3 month ban

Iran resumes Bitcoin mining operations after 3 month ban
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Finally Iranian government unbanned all Bitcoin mining operations which are licensed and approved by the government authorities.

Today, Iranian government will allow all the Bitcoin mining firms to resume their mining operations again after 3 month. 

Earlier this, around 3 months ago, Iranian government ordered a stop to all kinds of crypto mining operations that were going on in Iran.

On 26 May 2021, Iranian government declared to stop mining operations because of the electricity shortage and high pressure on the owner grid. So to ensure the electricity power supply for the Iranian citizens, the Government decided to ban. 

Few sources also claimed that the government of Iran wanted to take action against those mining operations which were running their mining rigs without license and approval, which was true also to some extent only. 

According to reports, the environment of Iran also was increasing badly. Some days it was found that temperature reached to around 49 degree Celsius, which was a very bad situation for Iranian people. And in that situation it was a mandatory need to take action.

In light of water and electricity supply shortage, former President Hassan Rouhani on May 26th, 2021 announced to seize crypto mining operations temporarily.

In the present time, Iran has better resources toward crypto mining operations. Whole mining operations of Iran contribute around 6-7% in the hash power in Bitcoin mining. The main reason for the cheap electricity for mining operations is availability of fuel sources in huge amounts in the middle eastern country.

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