January 2022 Witnesses 1000 Plus New Cryptos!

  • New cryptocurrencies are being launched effortlessly everyday.
  • Apart from BTC and ETH, focus now tends to shift diversey upon other altcoins. 
  • January 2022 alone more than 1000 new cryptos were launched. 

True to the fact, the entire crypto ship is sailing blissfully steadily and becoming more and more stronger and larger with the passing of each wave. In spite of this the overall market cap of the entire crypto industry is prominently on the rise. The major game players of the industry, like the Bitcoin (BTC), the Ethereum (ETH) and much more truly add up to the overall growth of the industry. 

Apart from this, with the blockchain technology, came along many of its attributes like the Non Fungible Token (NFT), Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and much more. Now these tend to surpass the crypto industry itself in time soon. With such a boom over years, the year 2021 truly has been a year of unexpected rise in the overall market’s value. In addition, with the surge up in 2021, the year has seen the introduction of more than 8000 new cryptocurrencies. 

Likewise, with just one month passed so far, the year 2022, has already seen more than 1000 new cryptos!

1000 New Crypto in 30 Days

As we have passed over one solid month in the year 2022, the growth of the crypto industry according to the statistics is completely unimaginable. Accordingly, on January 1, 2022, the total number of cryptos available upon the market were about 16,328. And so, on January 30, 2022, the total number of cryptos counted to about 17,240. Therefore, this contradicts the fact that over just 30 days, about approximately 1002 new assets have been added to the industry. 

With such a massive addition of more than 1000 new cryptos within a period of just 30 days is completely mind blowing , foreseeing the rate at which the industry is evolving. 

In addition, this evaluates to the fact that for the past 30 days, every day on an average about 33 new cryptos were launched! In spite of all this, the current overall market cap of the crypto industry amounts to a whopping $1.77 Trillion!

However, the majority of this market cap corresponds to about only 100 major coins, and not much more. This shows that the number of new cryptos or overall number of active cryptos does not depict the fact that it will rise up the overall market cap evidently.

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