Japanese Firm Rakuten Launches Its Own NFT Marketplace

Japanese Firm Rakuten Launches Its Own NFT Marketplace

The NFT explosion and adoption rallied high last year following the NFT sales starting from “Beeple”. Following that, many institutional investors and big companies began to invest in Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). Similarly, Rakuten, a Japanese e-commerce firm, announces the launch of its own NFT marketplace.

As NFT adoption exploded last year, the firm planned to launch an NFT marketplace in 2021. Moreover, as per Rakuten, the NFT marketplace also includes a platform that allows intellectual property owners to develop their own websites for issuing and selling NFTs. As the growth of NFT in Japan is exponentially increasing, many firms believe that it will boost when the concept of NFTs is integrated. 

90% Of NFT Adoption In Japan

Significantly, with a population of over 126 million people and well-known pop cultures like anime and manga, experts from Japan are aware of the potential. According to TheCableIndex, the NFT adoption in Japan is 90% which makes experts expect an increase in the adoption of crypto collectibles.

After the worldwide adoption of NFT and the massive hit of this sector grabbed the attention of the whole crypto market. As a result, many players and other influential figures from different sectors began to invest in NFTs.

People’s interest towards digital arts and collectibles in Japan is growing as the value of the NFT market continues to climb. Moreover, Coincheck, the country’s local crypto exchange, launched a specialized NFT marketplace in March 2021. Mai Fujimoto, known as “Miss Bitcoin,” partners with the blockchain gaming-ecosystem Enjin to launch an NFT charity-campaign in Japan.

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