Justice dep of US launches national crypto enforcement team 8

The United States Justice department took their steps closer to bring the jurisdiction of the United States more stricter against bad actors of the crypto industry.

On Wednesday, speaking at the Aspen Institute Cyber Summit, Lisa Monaco, Deputy Attorney General said that the “National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team” was launched by the United States Justice Department. The main aim of this new enforcement team will be to encounter those platforms which are engaged in the crypto industry to support the bad actors to facilitate illegal crypto transactions (e.g money laundering and cyber crimes). 

 Monaco took the reference of the Helix, Bitcoin mixing service, which was encountered under the Monaco office work against Darknet operations, and claimed that the government authorities are going to do something more to restrict such kind of activities, which are against the rules and further she added 

“We want to strengthen our capacity to dismantle the financial ecosystem that enables these criminal actors to flourish and — quite frankly — to profit from what they’re doing,….“We’re going to do that by drawing on our cyber experts and cyber prosecutors and money-laundering experts.”

Further Monaco added about the crypto exchanges, which are claiming that they are the Future of Banking system and noted that they are confident Because they are going through those ( illegal) things.

“Cryptocurrency exchanges want to be the banks of the future. We need to make sure that folks can have confidence when they’re using these systems, and we need to make sure we’re poised to root out abuse that can take hold on them.”

Monaco is popularly known for her contribution to target those matters, which are associated with the high profile public damages like Ransomware attacks. 

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