Kraken reported Vulnerability in many US Bitcoin ATMs

Kraken reported Vulnerability in many US Bitcoin ATMs
Kraken reported Vulnerability in many US Bitcoin ATMs 2

Kraken Security Labs revealed many vulnerable factors in many US Bitcoin ATMs and claimed that if anyone gets access to administration QR code, then Bitcoin ATMs operators have to compromise.

With the adoption of the Crypto, many firms are installing Bitcoin ATMs, so that people can utilize crypto assets just like fiat currency but there are many problems with these Bitcoin ATMs because this technology is in the initial stage of development. Recently, a few crypto firms came together and established a Cryptocurrency Compliance Cooperative (CCC) named organization to alert all the Bitcoin ATMs operators to follow the necessary guidelines to prohibit any kind of illicit activities associated with the Bitcoin ATMs transactions. 

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Kraken Security Labs experts team figured out many vulnerability issues in the General Bytes BATMTwo ATM range. 

Report on the Vulnerability issues in the bitcoin ATMs was shared by Kraken on 29 September. 

According to Kraken Security Labs, the first issue in the bitcoin ATMs is the QR code system , which is not changed by the administration. And if anyone get access to the QR code then that can cause a big risky result. 

“Multiple attack vectors were found through the default administrative QR code, the Android operating software, the ATM management system and even the hardware case of the machine”

Earlier this, General Bytes security team also revealed some other kind of Vulnerability in the Bitcoin ATMs and claimed that Bitcoin ATMs are associated with some hardware vulnerability also. Because one can enter in the operating system through the USB keyboard and can access copies of data and also facilitate malicious activities.

There are total of 5300 by the BATM ATMs. These ATMs are installed mostly in the Canada & United States. 

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