KuCoin Opens Its New Office in Bloktopia Metaverse

  • KuCoin exchange joins hands with Bloktopia metaverse.
  • KuCoin opens an office virtually on the 21st floor of Bloktopia.
  • Also the exchange lists BLOK and DREAMS in support of Bloktopia and metaverse ecosystems.

With the evolution of the technological world, it seems the next big step from blockchain technology is the Metaverse ecosystem. The virtual ecosystem is termed to be the future for all sorts of attributes one can imagine.

 In such terms, the year of 2021 could be seen as the start of adoption of Metaverse techno- ecosystems. 

In addition, Facebook even recently announced its rebranding into ‘Meta’ soon. 

In spite of all this, the renowned crypto exchange, the KuCoin becomes the first exchange to adopt the Metaverse based technology. 

Accordingly, it opens a virtual office upon the 21st floor of the virtual skyscraper, the Bloktopia. 

KuCoin’s New Office

Regarding the announcement, the KuCoin exchange made the news official on November 2. Accordingly, the KuCoin exchange will be merging itself with the Metaverse technology. This merging is ought to be by opening a new virtual office of the exchange upon the 21st floor of Bloktopia. 

As per KuCoin’s statements, the virtual office in Bloktopia will enable its users to decorate cyberpunks. 

Also, it enables virtual communication chats and communication between the users, interaction with virtual furnishings and much more. 

Furthermore, KuCoin has now listed the native token of Bloktopia, the BLOK in a step to adopt itself into the Metaverse ecosystem.

 In addition, it also supports the utility token, Dream Quest (DREAMS). This Dream Quest is actually a virtual blockchain based gaming platform which is found profusely upon the Metaverse ecosystem. 

What is Bloktopia?

Moreover, the Bloktopia is actually a virtual skyscraper which consists of about 21 floors. These 21 floors denote the overall supply of Bitcoin (BTC), 21 million. 

The complete virtual 3D experience brings together all attributes of the crypto ecosystem into one. 

Also, the Bloktopia is powered up and developed by the Polygon platform. 

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