LBank Exchange Set to List Apollo Inu (APOLLO) on March 9

LBank Exchange Set to List Apollo Inu (APOLLO) on March 9
LBank Exchange Set to List Apollo Inu (APOLLO) on March 9

LBank Exchange, a world-class digital asset trading platform that offers users a safe crypto trading experience, alongside specialized financial derivatives, and professional asset management service has announced that it will be listing Apollo Inu (APOLLO) in a few days.

According to the announcement, the official launch of APOLLO on LBank will commence on March 9 at exactly 21:00 (UTC+8). As such, LBank users will be provided with the opportunity to trade APOLLO for USDT. Therefore, investors who seek to venture into the APOLLO project can easily acquire the token via the exchange.

Apollo Inu (APOLLO)

Apollo Inu (APOLLO) is a community-run DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) and a token with a vision to support and finance creative people to achieve their goals.

The project is basically aimed at providing financial support that is capable of helping content creators make a career out of their creativity. The new development reflects Apollo Inu’s efforts to further expand its global reach while leveraging it to achieve its mission as it continues seeking to build communities that help aspiring artists and content creators get the resources they need to make a successful career.

Upcoming artists and content creators within Apollo Inu’s community are made to participate in new contests every week to enable them to benefit from the project’s vision. This contest required them to nominate themselves for consideration and provide information about their work and aspirations.

Afterward, they seek to attract interest towards their content and also get as many votes as possible from close associates and even the public via social platforms like Telegram, Twitter, Apollo’s Discord, Tik-Tok, and Instagram. This is because the platform only rewards participants with the highest votes.

The platform explained what the voting and reward system looks like saying;

“Anyone who owns APOLLO can vote. The number of votes and the current size of the artist fund dictates the amount of each weekly prize, ensuring each prize is matched to the popularity of the audience and plenty is left over for future winners. Furthermore, the full vote tally and the winner are posted to IPFS and the blockchain for auditing.”

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