MASA Token Skyrockets with $137 Million Trading Volume on Debut


Masa Network, a trailblazer in decentralized AI and LLM networks, announced that its native utility token, MASA, experienced an astounding 483% surge in its first 24 hours of trading. Launched across nine major exchanges at 08:00 AM UTC on April 11th, the token’s value soared from an initial price of $0.079 to $0.3817. The token’s debut saw a staggering trading volume of over $137 million across all platforms, hitting the $50 million mark within 3 hours and reaching a total volume of $100 million in just 16 hours.

Leading the charge in trading volume were Gate, Bybit, and HTX exchanges. MASA was simultaneously launched on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Masa Network’s dedicated Avalanche Subnet. With the mainnet going live, users can now have complete authority over their digital footprint, earning rewards by contributing data and unused computational power to train AI models on the Masa Network.

Calanthia Mei, Co-Founder at Masa Network, expressed her excitement, saying, “Crypto x AI is one of the super-narratives of this cycle, and Masa is a leading project in this space. We are thrilled to see the successful launch of the MASA token – it is indicative of the excitement and conviction in Masa and in the Crypto x AI space. We have a jam-packed roadmap with new products, new partners, and new tech. This is only the start of the transformation Masa will bring to the entire AI industry.”

The Catalyst for Decentralized AI and Data Sovereignty

Before its exchange listing, MASA’s Coinlist Community Sale witnessed a record-breaking six-fold oversubscription, raising $8.75 million in just 17 minutes. Notably, Masa was the only AI project featured on CoinList Launchpad in 2024. The Masa Network allows every internet user to become a data contributor and node worker, earning token rewards by sharing anonymized data and computing power with AI developers. This model aims to democratize AI data access and incentivize participation from a wider community.

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The MASA token plays a pivotal role in the Masa Network ecosystem. Users are rewarded in MASA tokens for contributing personal data to the network. Businesses and developers utilize MASA tokens, stablecoins, and other blockchain-native tokens to access and use data, products, and services on the Masa network. Users utilize MASA tokens for gas fees on the Masa Avalanche Subnet to manage their Zero-Knowledge Soulbound Tokens (zkSBT), an encrypted personal data locker.

Masa Oracle node operators stake MASA tokens to operate zk-oracle nodes and receive staking rewards for the initial two years. MASA holders have the right to participate in network governance, voting on technical upgrades, fee structures, and more. With over 1.4 million users contributing 40 million data points, Masa offers a platform where users have complete control over their data. The data remains private and encrypted, thanks to Masa’s innovative zkSBT.

For developers, Masa offers real-time access to high-quality, verified personal data to train specialized AI models, rather than generalized ones. The platform also provides decentralized LLMs, streamlining the model hosting process. Masa has secured $18 million in funding from notable investors like Digital Currency Group, Anagram, and GoldenTree. Additionally, Masa has graduated from Binance MVB Accelerator Season 6 and has been selected for the Hashkey AI Accelerator program.

Overall, Masa’s successful token launch and robust ecosystem indicate a promising future for decentralized AI networks, heralding a new era of democratized, incentivized and secure AI data utilization. As the project continues to gain momentum and attract significant investment, it is poised to set new benchmarks in the AI and blockchain industries, driving innovation and reshaping the way data is collected, managed, and utilized.

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