[PRESS RELEASE – October 5, 2021]

MDEX, the second-largest decentralized trading app (DEX) by TVL, with a total lock-up asset of $2.3 billion at the time of writing, is looking to take it a step further with this recent collaboration with Alpaca Finance, one of the most extensive DeFi protocols that offer lending services.

MDEX is on the brink of another milestone, as the well-known DEX announces a new collaboration with Alpaca Finance, one of the most prominent lending protocols.

MDEX’s collaboration with Alpaca Finance is significant in a variety of ways. MDEX has a daily trading volume in the millions of dollars and a much higher APR than most of the pools Alpaca Finance has added over the years. Furthermore, Alpaca Finance hopes that the partnership with MDEX will offer much higher APRs to their customers. MDEX would use Alpaca Finance’s AUM in all safe pools as part of this collaboration, resulting in more significant buybacks, burns, and performance fees for Alpaca holders.

Both MDEX and Alpaca have significant market shares in the DeFi sector. With this newly formed partnership, Alpaca will grow even further by providing new liquidity incentives for users. At the same time, MDEX may reclaim their number one spot as the largest decentralized trading app and operate more efficiently and smoothly.

Both Alpaca Finance and MDEX benefit from this collaboration. One of the reasons MDEX has been at the top of the DEX sector for so long is the existence of rich trading pairs, which was also a significant factor in Alpaca’s decision to partner with MDEX.

The first round of pool integrations will take place on September 30, October 5, and October 7, respectively.

About MDEX

MDEX, as a leading decentralized exchange, continues to set a high standard for next-generation DEXes. MDEX has managed to stay ahead of the competition by mitigating impermanent losses, maintaining low slippage and transaction fees, and gradually transitioning to a more active user governance model. With this new partnership with Alpaca Finance, they do not intend to leave the top any time soon. Instead, they are showing consistency with their goal of providing traders with a fantastic user experience and accelerating the growth of DeFi.

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