MEXC Wins Title Of Best Exchange In Asia At The Crypto Expo Dubai Conference

MEXC Wins Title Of Best Exchange In Asia At The Crypto Expo Dubai Conference

MEXC Global was crowned the best cryptocurrency exchange platform in Asia at the Crypto Expo Dubai 2021. MEXC dedicates this accolade to all its loyal customers and supporters, without whom an audience for it would be non-existent.

Some of the prominent players in the blockchain industry graced the rare event, including 50 crypto-based companies, and over 60 CEOs and founders from more than 30 countries. The event hosted more than 3,000 traders, with MEXC as a gold partner.

The expo aimed to bring together investors and industry leaders to network and share ideas on how to transition the global economy into a new crypto era. Major companies in the Asian digital asset sector have a chance to exhibit their diverse products and services in addition to sharing their insights about the crypto industry.

Among the presenters of the Dubai crypto conference, was MEXC. The exchange’s team showcased the company’s cluster of crypto-focused services, in addition to explaining how it plans to penetrate the global population. Representatives also utilized the interacting experience to obtain transformational ideas from some of the leading experts in the digital asset industry. This information will be applied duly when upgrading MEXC’s marketing strategy.

Even more, the representatives physically interacted with executives from many other crypto companies and jointly defined ways to further engage more members of the crypto community.

Notably, the award lays out MEXC’s successful globalization strategy and its market adaptable ambitions. The Singapore-based exchange currently boasts over $500 million in trading volume. It also has a growing user base in more than 200 countries, including Japan, India, Turkey, Indonesia, South Korea, Brazil, and Africa among many others.

Launched in 2018, the centralized crypto exchange has made efforts to improve coverage of its diverse crypto trading opportunities among investors globally. The company has also forged partnerships with some of the most revolutionary blockchain platforms and crypto on-ramp projects to intensify crypto products.

More recently, the global exchange collaborated with the market-leading blockchains Solana, Avalanche, and Polygon. These promising platforms benefit from MEXC’s eco funding and technical support that encourages mainstream adoption of blockchain technology and the crypto industry.

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