Mexican President Plans to Adopt Bitcoin as Legal Tender

  • El Salvador is also working with Samson Mow on Bitcoin bonds.
  • If Mexico accepts Bitcoin as legal money, the results will be significant.

Ex-Blockstream CSO Samson Mow disclosed the Bitcoin adoption ambitions of major countries on Thursday. One of these countries is Mexico, whose President has invited Mow to speak with him about the idea. As he said on stage at the Bitcoin 2022 conference, Mow has been working on “Bitcoin nation-state adoption” since leaving Blockstream for the past month. His new Bitcoin tech business, “Jan 3,” is named after the day when the genesis block of Bitcoin was created.

Bitcoin Adoption Rate on Steep Rise

Since then, the programmer’s impact has expanded to locations like Prospera in Honduras, a privately controlled emerging metropolis on Roatan Island. Joel Bomgar, the city’s President, confirmed that Bitcoin is legal money in Prospera. As an additional benefit, Prospera’s authority will allow other towns in Honduras and businesses outside the United States to issue Bitcoin bonds. El Salvador is also working with Samson Mow on Bitcoin bonds, which will function similarly.

Last but not least, Senator Indira Kempis came in to provide an update on Mexico’s efforts to embrace Bitcoin. After El Salvador, Kempis claimed to be aiming to make the Bitcoin legal money in Mexico last month.

What she said today makes it more likely than ever that she’ll be able to alter her mind. She informed Mow that the President had sent her a message inviting the Bitcoiner to meet with him to discuss the possibility of making Bitcoin legal money across Mexico. If Mexico accepts Bitcoin as legal money, the results will be significant for the crypto industry, as pointed out by famous crypto analyst Lark Davis.

If Mexico ACTUALLY were to make #bitcoin legal tender, then it would be beyond big!

It is the 16th biggest economy in the world.

This would change the game beyond what most people can currently imagine!

— Lark Davis (@TheCryptoLark) April 8, 2022

The senator has made efforts to make financial inclusion and education a constitutional entitlement for the Mexican citizenry. Mow referred to her efforts to reform financial and monetary laws as a “Bitcoin law.”

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