Mobius Capital founder says Bitcoin is religion 2

The founder of Mobius Capital shared his stance on bitcoin and described Bitcoin as religion instead of trading or investment asset. 

If we look and analyse deeply in the crypto space, then we will find many bitcoin bullish characters. But when we see in a non-crypto space, then rarely bitcoin bullish can be found. In the latest, the founder of Mobius Capital shared his stance on bitcoin, where he criticized crypto space differently.

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Recently, Mark Mobius, founder of asset management firm- Mobius Capital Partners, appeared in an interview with CNBC. Through the interview, Mark described crypto assets as speculative tools that can be used for fun. He asserted that Stock will always remain a better Investment option despite devaluation in cash. 

“It’s not an investment, and it’s a religion. People should not look at these cryptocurrencies as a means to invest. It’s a means to speculate and have fun. But then you got to go back to stocks at the end of the day,” 

Further, Mobius dismissed the popular phrase ” Bitcoin is a hedge against inflation”. And asserted that the Stock market will always remain above the crypto assets marketplace. 

Mobius also claimed that Cryptocurrencies have no future in the long run and criticized the adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender by El Salvador. 

Mobius in favour of the government system 

In the past interview, Mobius shared his stance on bitcoin and claimed that it is only a financial challenge against the government financial policies. And also admitted that Cryptocurrencies will become global payment systems automatically because of adoption. 

But he will support bitcoin in that situation when United States government authorities will adopt it. 

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